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What Inspires Me – Frances Hewitson

This month we interview Frances Hewitson, Class teacher and Sustainability Coordinator at ResourceSmart School, Crib Point Primary School. CERES educator Emmanuelle recently visited the school and was inspired by all that Frances does at Crib Point Primary Read more...

Blog – New Schools PPP Project

Visit our blog page documenting our work as Sustainability Partner for the New Schools PPP Project. CERES delivers the ResourceSmart Schools program to these new school over the next 5 years, supporting them in embedding sustainability in everything they Read more...

CERES Training – Environmental Education Course 2017

Our Environmental Education course is back for 2017! Education and Training Manager Lorna Pettifer reflects and shares what she enjoys about delivering the course since it first launched in 2015. Covering 5 key areas of sustainability, this 8 week course Read more...

CERES Global return from India and Cuba trips

CERES Global have been busy over the past few months leading group trips to India and Cuba visiting community organisations and forming new partnerships. We were in Cuba during the passing of Fidel’s passing, an incredible time to be there. Next Read more...

CERES Incursions – Early Childhood programs are back!

After a redevelopment hiatus, CERES Education is re-introducing Early Childhood Incursions in 2017 with an exciting new format. Choose from themes ‘Farm to Fork’ and The 4Rs. Professional Development workshops are also now available for Early Read more...
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Mother Teresa PS photo (ResourceSmart at Mother Teresa P.S) (thumbnail)

Biodiversity Audit at Mother Teresa P.S.

11th July 2013

Resourcesmart is an initiative of Sustainability Victoria and we have progressed through two modules so far- the Core Module and the Waste module. As a result we have just recently been awarded our second

Eric Bottomley

Celebrating the Life of Eric Bottomley

13th December 2013

CERES is sad to announce that Eric Bottomley died peacefully on the morning of Sunday 2nd February 2014. This extraordinary man has worked tirelessly at CERES for the past 25 years to create one of the

Read more... - footy

Our Say – What We Could Learn from Footy

28th October 2013

By Kirsty Costa People often seem surprised when they find out that I love AFL (they’re even more surprised when I tell them I’m a loyal member of the Melbourne Demons Football Club). It appears that

National Recycling Week Logo

National Recycling Week 2017

12th March 2015

Event date : November 13, 2017

National Recycling Week brings a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling.


News from Sandringham House

25th April 2013

As Environment Captains this year we have many tasks to complete. Our fantastic school is attempting to become a 5 star sustainable school. We have recently applied for a government grant to install $50,000

creative play logo

Worm Farm Incursion at Creative Play Early Learning Centre

5th March 2014

On the 18th of Feb 2014 we organised a visit from Linda Kenworthy from Manningham Council to visit our children in our 3yr old kinder room otherwise known as the green room. This visit was part of our


Plastic Free July 2014

3rd July 2014

Every piece of plastic which has ever been produced still exists on Earth somewhere. Australians alone send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. To help us refuse single-use plastic, Plastic

India - Girls Toilet Tanks

CERES Works to Help Create Sustainable Schools in India

1st May 2014

CERES Global has been travelling to India since 2006 facilitating cultural exchanges with local communities and like-minded organisations in South India, Mumbai, Central India, Delhi and the Himalayas. Over

captain planet vs captain pollution

Bad Guys and Heroes

25th May 2014

By Kirsty Costa 486 law students were asked to describe their motives for pursuing a legal career and suggest the motives of their peers. 64% said they were pursuing a legal career because it was intellectually


Wind Turbine Poem

26th April 2013

Our Wind Turbine The propeller is always spinning, Turning like the world. With the wind it creates energy, Makes a deafening sound. It is environmentally friendly, And the wind soars through the skies.


Armadale Primary School Goes Totally Nude!

24th April 2013

Having started on our Waste Module through Resource Smart Schools, our staff team got together to identify the greatest problems and issues with Waste at our school, then to try to find the best solutions

Celebrate image (square)

Let’s CELEBRATE in Term 3!

21st July 2016

What do you do to celebrate sustainability at your school? Let's celebrate together in Term 3!

ExIn Sept 2014

December Specials on Excursion and Incursion Programs!

31st August 2014

Christmas has come early with these great December Specials! With 10% off and a FREE CERES Incursion on offer, it's hard to pass this up!

Our Say March 2015

Our Say – Sustainability at Schools… everyday actions

2nd March 2015

Do you need some help in implementing your sustainability program in 2015? We’ve provided some practical tips and ideas on motivating staff and students to be part of the change, everyday.


Eric Bottomley – The Winter of My Work

11th July 2013

It fills me with great sadness to announce that sickness has caused me to resign from our ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic delivery although, if I win the health battle, I will still contribute with a small flexible


Our Say: The truth behind the clothes you wear

3rd September 2015

By Michelle Sanahon. If you discovered the shocking social and environmental impacts of the clothes you wear, would you change the way you shop?

Nick (Etiko)

What Inspires Me – Interview with Nick Savaidis

29th May 2014

This month we interview Nick Savaidis, Founder/Director of social enterprise Etiko, Australia's first fairtrade focussed fashion and sports brand.

Our Say_Aug2016

Our Say: Divorcing the supermarket and supporting local business

8th August 2016

Shopping predominantly at the supermarket gave me this unsatisfied, nagging feeling as it went against my core values and passion to live sustainably and support local. I decided to investigate what I

Moreland PS photo (M.E.P.A.)

CERES and Moreland Primary School

11th July 2013

CERES Sustainability Education Outreach group has been working with and mentoring Moreland Primary School in the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Program since 2008. Each year CERES relationship with the school

Our Say _PlasticFreeJuly1

Our Say – Reflections on a Plastic Free July

3rd May 2015

In 2014 the CERES Outreach Team and friends participated in Plastic Free July. In the lead up to the 2015 Plastic Free July, I’ve been reflecting and here’s a story about how I approached Plastic free