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School Fundraisers

18th February 2016 BY: sustainabilityhub@ceres.org.au

SM Kids – The Husk Coffee Mug fundraiser

All Husk’s products are made from rice husks, an eco friendly, biodegradable and green material that is safe and does not contain any harmful substances.

For every coffee mug sold your school will receive $5. If over 50 coffee mugs are sold $10 from every coffee mug sold with be given to the school. Full support will be provided during the fundraiser and all documents required to make this fundraiser a success will be provided. Documents are easily customised and emailable to keep costs of running fundraisers to an absolute minimum.  There is also the option of having your school logo printed on the box the coffee mug is packaged in.

Why not drink your coffee from an environmentally responsible product, to help do your part in saving the planet?

Info: For more information download a copy of the fundraising letter (PDF), the Husk Coffee Mug information sheet (PDF) and visit the SM Kid Store website

Solar Schools Program

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.20.24 am

The Solar Schools Program brought to you by bhive environmental and supported by electricity retailer, Powershop, provides the opportunity to have a photovoltaic solar array installed at no cost to the school.

Schools will need to encourage members of the community to switch their electricity account to Powershop. This could be a term long campaign to encourage parents, grandparents or school groups to make the switch. For each person that switches their electricity provider to Powershop, Powershop will make a financial contribution towards the cost of installing a solar panel system. When enough people have switched their provider, the school will own a renewable energy generating asset.

Info: For more information visit the Solar Schools Program website


Garage Sale Trail – Australia’s big day of good stuff

Garage Sale Trail is a national celebration of reuse, meeting neighbours and discovering unique finds with over 10,000 + garage sales on one big day.

Host a garage sale to raise money for a cause, your school your facilities, inspire creativity and teach kids about reusing. Anyone can host a group sale – community groups, charities and entrepreneurship, sports clubs, schools, whole streets and even car boot sales.
You can set the venue, opening times and the number of stalls involved.

Info: For more information visit the Garage Sale Trail website or download the How to guide for Schools (PDF)


ecostore – Good soap for a good cause

ecostore is ready to SOAPport your Good Cause with a healthy soap fundraiser for schools, clubs, groups or early childhood centres.

Soaps come with free delivery pre-packed and ready for selling in 2 x scent options – Lemongrass or Grapefruit and Mint. Each box contains 24 soaps. One bar of soap is sold for $2.50 and $1 of that sale goes back to the school as a fundraiser.

Info: For more information visit the ecostore website


WithOneBean – School-based coffee fundraising

Fundraise at your school while directly benefiting subsistence farmers and local communities in Timor Leste using WithOneBean!

Try this ethical and sustainable ground or roasted coffee for your staffroom, meetings and school families and friends. For each bag of coffee brought, WithOneBean fundraising provides great returns for your school, whilst raising awareness of coffee production and the livelihoods of village communities in Timor Leste. Schools have opportunities to be involved in a social enterprise business which can be used to learn about models, marketing, sales and support. Your students can also use the WithOnePlanet open education portal to participate in a range of educational activities.

Info: For more information visit the WithOneBean website


Reusables Etc – School fundraising

Help to eliminate waste in your school and homes, embrace healthy eating, all at the same time as fundraising for your school with Reusable Etc!

With this feel good fundraiser, as schools purchase healthy living products from ReusablesEtc, 10 % of the sale will go back to the school. Products are non-toxic and reusable and range from nude-food lunch boxes to water bottles and cooler packs! It’s as easy as signing up!

Info: For more information and to register your school visit the Reusables Etc website


Terracycle – Recycling Brigades programs

Participate in the Recycling Brigades programs by Terracycle and at the same time receive donations for your school!

The Brigades program is a free, national recycling solutions program for a variety of previously non-recyable waste streams. At your school, collect products of your choosing (ranging from Nespresso/Nescafe coffee capsules, oral care, cleaner packaging and kids snack packaging) and the school can receive a donation (usually $0.01) for each piece of waste collected. The more waste collected, the more money the school earns. Join as many Brigage programs as you like to earn more money for your school whilst at the same time, making an even better impact on our planet.

Info: For more information and to register your school visit the Terracycle website


SCR group – Recycle with Mondo

Reduce the amount of unwanted waste going to landfill, whilst raising money for your early childhood centre, primary or secondary school. 

Connect with the wider community and collect unwanted clothing and goods for SCR Group to give them a second life or recycle them. Schools will be paid $250 per tonne for the goods collected and a sustainability report will be provided for the amount of water, energy, carbon emissions saved. The Recycle with Mondo program also includes curriculum resources with a new e-waste component, and a competition offering $10,000 worth of cash prizes for the most collections in 2016.

Info: For more information visit the SCR Group website


Do you know of any other fundraising programs that should be included in this list?

Please let us know by sending details to outreach@ceres.org.au .