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How to Green your Organisation

24th May 2016 BY: johncamilleri

How to green your organisation ideas

These checklists and ideas can be used to help in auditing how your organisation is tracking in terms of sustainability. Use these checklists on their own or use the ideas to help you fill in the Organisation Overview Template below.

Biodiversity Resource Sheetbio-thumbnail Energy Resource Sheetenergy-thumbnail Waste Resource Sheetwaste-thumbnail Water Resource Sheetwater-thumbnail

Whole Centre Sustainability Overview Template

This template can be used in conjunction with the “How to green your organisation checklists” to help create a whole centre overview to guide planing to improve sustainability outcomes in your organisation.


Sustainability Overview Template for Organisations

Sample Sustainability Policy

This sustainability policy can be used as a base and edited to suit your centre. Create a whole organisation sustainability overview (see samples below) and you will have the beginnings of a Sustainability Management Plan for your organisation.


Sustainability Policy Sample Education Centres-CERES 2016

Equipment Energy Efficiency (3E) Program

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program helps improve the energy efficiency of a range of appliances and equipment.

By buying more efficient models, households and businesses can consume less energy, save money on their energy bills, and help to reduce emissions.

Explore the tools and resources at this website to understand how the E3 Program helps your centre reduce energy use.

Cool Australia; Audits

Cool Australia has a number of audits that help schools to see how they are currently tracking in the areas of Waste, Energy, Biodiversity and Water. Although they are designed for Primary and Secondary School Students they can easily be adapted for adults and other types of educational centres.

Cool Australia create units of work and learning activities that can be downloaded free of charge from the Cool Australia website and taken straight into the classroom. Their online Digital Library contains lesson plans, teachers notes, videos, images, infographics, research and news articles.

Positive Charge

Positive Charge provide tailored sustainability advise to community and Learn Locals in the Moreland Council area and beyond. Speak with them about whether your centre falls within their partnership agreements. Please see link to their council partners map to see if your centre falls within their delivery area. See also a link to some great tips for energy saving in the office setting.

Their energy help lineĀ 9385 8555