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10% Discount off Incursion Bookings during the week of World Environment Day

World Environment Day is coming up on Thursday 5th June.  Why not celebrate it by having CERES come out to your school?! Take part in some great activities including the Sustainability Wheel Game, a Biodiversity Treasure Hunt or involve your school in creating an incredible mural utilising recyled materials.

10% discounts apply for Incursion programs booked for the week of World Environment Day (June 2 – 6th, 2014)


Bringing the magic of CERES to you!

CERES Education offers a wide range of Incursions.
These sustainability education workshops:LESS Student Circle

  • Are carefully designed to engage and motivate students.
  • Are delivered by experienced sustainability educators.
  • Include hands‐on and student action‐based activities.
  • Help students develop skills and knowledge about sustainability and the environment.
  • Compliment the AusVELS curriculum and the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic framework.

Click on the icons above to explore our Incursion programs.
All Incursions include pre-visit information and post-visit information with follow up activities and resources.

For Booking Information and Pricing please click here

Contact Our Incursions Team

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Incursion Highlights

‘Do More with LESS’ – Student Leadership Program

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‘Do More with LESS’ is a leadership program designed to train students in how to organise and carry out sustainability projects

This is an inspirational 4 hour workshop that will help your students put their school sustainability visions into ACTION!

Share our ‘Do More with LESS’ flyer with other teachers. Click here



Celebrate your next Sustainability/Environment Day  with CERES!!

Sustainability Day Activity Ideas 2014

Choose from activities such as:

  • The Sustainability Wheel Activity (P-3 and 3-6)
  • The CERES Energy Trailer (P-3 and 3-6)
  • Biodiversity Treasure Hunt (3-6)
  • Landscape to Landifill- make a school mural out of recycled materials (3-6)


Plug in Outside (Grade 5 to Year 8)

“What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature?”

Explore sustainability and the future through reflective discussion. Our ‘Plug in Outside’ Incursion centers around segments from award winning documentary ‘Play Again’. In the film, teenagers are taken on their first wilderness adventure – no electricity, no mobile phone coverage and no virtual reality!!PlayAgain-smallimage

  •    Explore issues of screen addiction and loss of connection to the   natural world.
  •     Embark on an inquiry of living in the world today
  •     Investigate deeper actions for a sustainable future.

We are proud to be international partners with ‘Play Again’ .

For more information about the ‘Play Again’ Film go to: