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Project Description


Waste programs focus on the ‘Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ philosophy and include environmental impacts of current practices and strategies to overcome them.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Year 7 to 10


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

  • Investigate how long it takes common pieces of packaging, rubbish and other household items to break down with our waste timeline
  • Discover how everyday choices from purchasing to disposal can have a long lasting effect on the environment
  • Think about the concept of Greenwashing when making everyday purchases
  • Based on your current lifestyle, discover how much air, land and water (our biosphere) you will use in your life by doing your own Ecological Footprint
  • Consider your demands on the planet for food, transport, shelter and absorption of wastes
  • How does Australia’s average ecological footprint compare with other nations? What can you do to reduce it?
  • Investigate the world’s fastest growing waste stream, electronic waste (e-waste), and your part in it
  • Discover the global health and environmental impacts of the many different minerals and toxic materials that make up our every day electronic gadgets
  • Explore solutions to the problem, from recycling to extending the life of your products and corporate responsibility
  • CERES History
  • Different use of materials and architecture in building design
  • The Biodynamic Farm and Market
  • Water harvest and recycling systems
  • Bike recycling shed and Multicultural villages
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