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Project Description


Water programs focus on water conservation, quality, monitoring and aquatic ecosystems.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Year 7 to 10


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

  • Visit the CERES Ecohouse to learn about the importance of reducing water use at home
  • Participate in small group activities focusing on modern strategies and technologies to reduce water use in the home
  • Learn where and how water savings can be achieved in your own home and at school
  • Evaluate whether these strategies can be used at student’s home or school
  • Walk along the Merri Creek and see how it has changed over time with different uses
  • Use survey techniques to assess the current health and problems for the Merri Creek
  • Learn about the “Index of River Conditions”, a national system of determining the health of any given waterway
  • Identify current impacts affecting the health of the creek ecosystem and discover possible solutions such as litter and weed management techniques
  • Discover how CERES sustainably manages water use as a business
  • In a group, investigate our operational water harvesting, recycling and reusing water systems
  • Evaluate the viability of using these techniques for other businesses or schools. Determine possible solutions for the issues of sustainable water management at school and in your own home
  • Learn how Australian people use water compared with people from other countries
  • Become citizens of other countries and make decisions on your water consumption priorities and how to manage with small water “budgets”
  • Explore different attitudes to water use
  • Learn about issues associated with small water allowances such as health and hygiene
  • Explore the deeper issues of water restrictions in urban and rural communities
  • Consider the available options to managing our own drought-stricken communities. What are some issues behind relying on desalination plants as a water source?
  • Be involved in role-play activities to understand community concerns over changes to water restrictions and water management
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