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Environmental Education_presenting

Environmental Education PD Workshops

August 2, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Training Team

Missed the start of our new Environmental Education course? Good news! You can attend the sessions as individual PD days. Pick and choose which sessions you’d like to come along to.


Recycle your batteries at CERES

August 2, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Excursions Team

Batteries are toxic time bombs. Only around 6% of batteries get recycled in Australia, leaving over 10,000 tonnes that go to landfill. Can you imagine all the heavy metals and other toxic elements seeping into the environment as a result?!


Energy Module Case Study

July 29, 2015,    By: Alkira Secondary College

Name of school: Alkira Secondary College
 Name of ResourceSmart Schools module: Energy Written by: Stephanie Searls
 Alkira Secondary College is situated on Nurture Avenue, Cranbourne
North, in the new Eve Estate residential development. The school follows
a “private-public partnership”, one of only a few in the state. The
secondary college has sustainable modern designs and architecture in
mind, including smaller […]

Big Picture Cards (square)

Big Picture Cards

July 27, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Introducing CERES Education’s ‘Big Picture’ flash cards. Packed with inspiring local and global sustainability success stories, these cards are a great resource to drive discussion, reflection and ideas for networking activities.

prep worms

Worm farm

July 21, 2015,    By: St Andrews Christian College

The Prep classes have set up a worm farm and begun feeding our worms so we can collect “worm juice” (worm wee) to fertilise our gardens. The Preps have enjoyed collecting scraps from their fruit and shredding newspaper to feed our worms. The worm juice is being used to fertilise the vegetable patches that our […]


CERES Education is Hiring – Outreach Educator (Part-time position)

July 17, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

CERES Education seek a passionate educator to join the Outreach team in delivering the ResourceSmart Schools program to schools in the Eastern and Southern Metropolitan regions of Melbourne. Part-time position.

Environmental Education Course image_team

Our Say – Why is environmental education important?

July 14, 2015,    By: Mother Teresa Primary School

We’re all passionate about educating the next generation about the environment, but what is it that leads us to this field, and why is environmental education so important? Education & Training Group Manager Lorna Pettifer answers this question and shares how CERES can help YOU create change for sustainability through our exciting new Environmental Education Course.


Green Day at Mill Park Heights

July 14, 2015,    By: Mill Park Heights Primary School

Mill Park Heights Primary celebrated Green Day at the end of term 2 as a finale to our Sustainability topic. Every day of that last week, the students participated in an activity that focussed on saving energy. On Monday students, staff and parents participated in an aerobics session in order to keep warm and not […]

The Green Pledge logo

Take the Green Pledge in September

July 13, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Take the Green Pledge in the first week of September. Also available are free visitsfrom the Green Pledge schools team who can run an introductory workshop or a Green Pledge presentation for your students.

I love my facilitator image_We did it (square)

‘I love my Facilitator’ campaign – We did it!

July 1, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Thanks to your support, ResourceSmart Schools will continue to received funded support from their facilitator to continue on with their current module through to certification!

Jenny Fowles (square)

What Inspires Me – Interview with Jenny Fowles

June 30, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

This month we interview Jenny Fowles, the Educator/Sustainability Coordinator at Richmond Creche and Kindergarten, a centre CERES is working with as part of the ResourceSmart Schools Early Childhood Pilot.


Chicken Project

June 19, 2015,    By: Firbank Grammar School – Sandringham House

FIRBANK GRAMMAR, Sandringham Campus What came first? In the spirit of authenticity we decided our chooks should take their first breath at Sandringham House. In a lot of schools, students learn about life cycles by studying charts and diagrams. However, at the Sandringham Campus, the Year 5 students were given the responsibility of incubating, hatching […]


Sustainability Reflections

June 18, 2015,    By: Wantirna Primary School

As part of our CBL students are looking at Sustainability (Waste, Energy, Water, Biodiversity). We asked a couple of students to write a short piece about Sustainability and what it means to them. Over the last few months we started learning about sustainability. I had all these questions in my head. What is sustainability? What […]

calico bag

Calico Bag Day

June 18, 2015,    By: Huntingdale Primary School

At 2.30 grades F-4 will be making a Calico Bag to take to the shops to reduce the use of plastic bags. Grade 5/6 will be doing it on Thursday

PSA15 Logo

2014 Premier’s Sustainability Awards Education Winner – St Louis de Montfort’s – urges others to enter this year

June 9, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School in Aspendale won the Education Award in the 2014 Premier’s Sustainability Awards for their work creating a one-of-a-kind educational precinct that supports their whole school approach to developing active environmental citizens and now encourages other sustainability groups to enter the 2015 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.


Worm Farming

June 9, 2015,    By: Aurora School

This week we watered our radish plants with worm juice from our worm farm. This will help our radish plants to grow strong and healthy when we put them back into the sunshine! Fun in the SMART ROOM THIS WEEK!


Share your Stories

June 9, 2015,    By: Geelong Do More With LESS Student Leadership Conference

Hello students and teachers! Hopefully you have received my email with the link to this blog and have joined this blog. Please contribute blog posts to this page. This can include content from the conference, your ideas and inspiration and sharing reviews and images from projects back at school with other eco representatives. *please remember to […]


The Green Team Report

May 31, 2015,    By: Brandon Park Primary School

Did you know that every single class have their own recycling bin at our school?! The entire school had a competition organised by the Green Team to come up with great designs for each class’ recycling bins, so that the bins will be bright and colourful to look at. Now that each class have recycling […]


Middle S has planted a vegetable garden!

May 31, 2015,    By: Brandon Park Primary School

Dirty hands, chatting, digging, measuring – it was all happening yesterday! We planted cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, lettuces, beetroot, peas and carrots in our garden. Maths was part of the job as the children used 1 metre rulers to keep the planting straight (sort of!) and to measure the space needed between each seedling. The garden […]

Training June 2015 2

The CERES Complete Urban Chef course

May 31, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Training Team

Sustainable food and mastering the art of wholesome cooking