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School Projects

Wetlands Excursion

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

We recently held our P-2 camping activity day at the Yea Wetlands and had a great day learning all about the importance of wetland environments.


The Fairy Garden

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

Slowly our new school gardens are beginning to appear with lots of hard work weeding, planting, watering and mulching.


MKPS Connected Garden Project

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

Together with other schools we are propagating seeds and growing food to share with other schools in the Connected Gardens Project.


Sprinkler System and New Tank

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

Late in 2014 we completed one of our wish list items. We harnessed the rain water from the enormous basketball court roof, installed a tank and pump and a sprinkler system on our hot houses.


MKPS Tree Day 2014

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

Once again Kinglake Landcare group helped us with another project!


MKPS Sustainability Story

January 23, 2015,    By: Middle Kinglake Primary School

Here is a story of our sustainability journey over the past few years. It\’s linked with our Kids Teaching Kids newsletter item.


Athol Road P.S- Energy Journey

December 16, 2014,    By: Athol Road Primary School

Staff and students at Athol Road P.S began their journey to reducing energy use in the school this year in conjunction with the energy module. 12 months on we start to see the savings and the positive actions of the whole school community.

macaron map

‘Connecting the Dots’ at our Partner Brunch

December 4, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

The CERES Education Outreach team held their twice-yearly Partner Brunch for their wonderful Partner organisations on Nov 27th, which included ‘Eating the Dots’ as well as ‘Connecting the Dots’!

Outreach infographic 1

How our partners are Connecting the Dots for ResourceSmart Schools

December 4, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Check out our infographic showing how our Partners are ‘Connecting the Dots’ for our ResourceSmart Schools

Our Say Dec (small)

So why do we need to worry about food waste – doesn’t it break down?

December 3, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

It is true that food waste breaks down, as do all organic materials that were once living things. But unfortunately most of our food waste is thrown into our daily garbage bins as Australians throw as much as 20 per cent of food away – which equates to 1 out of 5 bags of groceries we buy!

Training Dec 1

Authentic learning and helping CERES – a perfect match

December 3, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Training Team

One of CERES largest veggie beds was in danger of dying over summer; in full sun with no irrigation and minimal staff on deck it really had no hope. But now thanks to some keen VCAL students we’re planting with confidence.

RACV conference 4

CERES Excursions on the road

December 3, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Excursions Team

On Nov 22nd 2014, four CERES teachers set out on the road to Maryborough, central Vic, for one of the largest science, technology and education events for schools in AUS, the RACV Energy Breakthrough.


What Inspires Me – Interview with Colleen Filippa

December 2, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

We interview Colleen Filippa, Director of Fifteen Trees who are helping schools visiting CERES reduce their excursions travel carbon emissions.


Adopting an orangutan

November 21, 2014,    By: Doncaster Gardens Primary School
Ecological Footprint - FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Calculating our Ecological Footprint

November 14, 2014,    By: Sherbrooke Community School

Students at Sherbrooke Community School have been calculating their Ecological Footprint A measure of the impact humans have on the environment is called an ecological footprint. A country’s ecological footprint is the sum of all the cropland, grazing land, forest and fishing grounds required to produce the food, fibre and timber it consumes, to absorb [...]


Sustainability Progress

November 14, 2014,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

On Friday November 14, 2014 the Sustainability committee met for another meeting. We worked hard on several policies and continued to work on the Core Module. We examimed feedback from staff and school council and added this into our School Environment Management Plan. This document will provide the framework for what we need to do [...]


Say NO to Palm Oil!

November 11, 2014,    By: Lyndhurst Primary School

Lyndhurst Primary School is saying NO to Palm Oil!       How did this all begin?    During a class meeting, the students in 3/4C discussed the devastating effects that palm oil production was having on the animals in Indonesia, Malaysia and the surrounding areas. There was a little confusion of what palm oil was and [...]


2014 Year Book – Sherbrooke Community School

November 11, 2014,    By: Sherbrooke Community School

Here’s a snapshot of what students at Sherbrooke Community School have been up to in 2014! (You may need to click on the images to be able to read them)                


Spreading the word

October 30, 2014,    By: Solway Primary School

Solway\’s been sharing the message about sustainability and the importance of drinking tap water far and wide. This week the Progress Leader ran a story about our upcoming sustainable fair, where water will only be for sale in reusable bottles sporting the phrase \’tap water in use\’. Hopefully we can inspire others to do the [...]

Eric's benches 2

Beautiful benches at CERES in memory of Eric Bottomley

October 29, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Launch at CERES of our newly refurbished African Hut and benches to commemorate Eric Bottomley’s legacy.