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School Projects

Adopting an orangutan

November 21, 2014,    By: Doncaster Gardens Primary School
Ecological Footprint - FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Calculating our Ecological Footprint

November 14, 2014,    By: Sherbrooke Community School

Students at Sherbrooke Community School have been calculating their Ecological Footprint A measure of the impact humans have on the environment is called an ecological footprint. A country’s ecological footprint is the sum of all the cropland, grazing land, forest and fishing grounds required to produce the food, fibre and timber it consumes, to absorb [...]


Sustainability Progress

November 14, 2014,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

On Friday November 14, 2014 the Sustainability committee met for another meeting. We worked hard on several policies and continued to work on the Core Module. We examimed feedback from staff and school council and added this into our School Environment Management Plan. This document will provide the framework for what we need to do [...]


Say NO to Palm Oil!

November 11, 2014,    By: Lyndhurst Primary School

Lyndhurst Primary School is saying NO to Palm Oil!       How did this all begin?    During a class meeting, the students in 3/4C discussed the devastating effects that palm oil production was having on the animals in Indonesia, Malaysia and the surrounding areas. There was a little confusion of what palm oil was and [...]


2014 Year Book – Sherbrooke Community School

November 11, 2014,    By: Sherbrooke Community School

Here’s a snapshot of what students at Sherbrooke Community School have been up to in 2014! (You may need to click on the images to be able to read them)                


Spreading the word

October 30, 2014,    By: Solway Primary School

Solway\’s been sharing the message about sustainability and the importance of drinking tap water far and wide. This week the Progress Leader ran a story about our upcoming sustainable fair, where water will only be for sale in reusable bottles sporting the phrase \’tap water in use\’. Hopefully we can inspire others to do the [...]

Eric's benches 2

Beautiful benches at CERES in memory of Eric Bottomley

October 29, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Launch at CERES of our newly refurbished African Hut and benches to commemorate Eric Bottomley’s legacy.

Thomas King 1

What Inspires Me – Interview with Thomas King

October 28, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

This month we feature Thomas King, an inspiring 18 year old student from Ringwood Secondary College and founder of, and 2015 Victorian Young Australian of the Year.

Training Nov (for newsletter)

From CERES to Maccas… a step forward?

October 28, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Training Team

For one young student it was. Nick started a Cert II in Hospitality with us early this year. His teachers now describe it as the turning point in his life.


Reduce your excursions travel carbon emissions with Fifteen Trees

October 28, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Excursions Team

CERES and Fifteen Trees have teamed up to make your excursion a sustainable one. Just two trees ($5.00/each) will collect the carbon emissions of your bus trip to and from CERES!

Orangutan book

Sustainability, Asia and Art

October 24, 2014,    By: Heatherwood School

Making a difference for students and endangered species Year 9 students at Heatherwood School have combined learning about Asian art with finding out about endangered animals and what they can do to help. Their project was to create a book using visuals influenced by Asian art styles and the environment. They also had to demonstrate [...]


2014 Learning Story

October 22, 2014,    By: St Columba's

St. Columba’s Learning Story INTRODUCTION A brief description of your school and school community St Columba’s Primary School is located in the heart of Bayside’s Elwood village. Officially opened in 1918, the school facilities have been developed over the years and today accommodate a student population of 154 guided by 24 teaching and education support [...]


St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School wins Premier’s Education sustainability award

October 21, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School in Aspendale has won the Education Award in the 2014 Premier’s Sustainability Awards for their program – ‘St Louis de Montfort’s Leaders in Sustainable Education’.

Communitity Award Winner

Seedlings’ project wins Premier’s Community sustainability award

October 21, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

A joint project by five local councils introducing sustainability to our youngest Victorians has won the Community Award in the 2014 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

CERES Fair Food Logo on Wood - Spring

CERES Fair Food’s Crowdfunding Campaign

October 16, 2014,    By: CERES Fair Food

CERES Fair Food have started a crowdfunding campaign to support local farmers, asylum seekers & CERES by making it easy for anyone to get Fair Food.

2014-05-30-142519-SMC (640x427)

St. Monica’s College Wetlands Development

October 12, 2014,    By: St. Monica’s College

  Since 2008 when $50,000 worth of grants were obtained to create a wetlands on our Dalton Road Campus, the wetlands has really developed over the last 6 years. Each years students from our school and from St. Peters Primary School, plant at least 200 indigenous plants around the wetlands and surrounding areas. Each year [...]

vegie - mini greenhouse

St. Monica’s College Receives Whittlesea Council Grant

October 12, 2014,    By: St. Monica’s College

In 2013 we received a $5000 community grant to work with local primary schools to establish or further develop an indigenous garden and/or vegetable garden. Students from St. Monica’s helped to pass on the knowledge they gained through helping out with our school vegetable gardens and indigenous planting regimes. The primary schools enjoyed setting up [...]

smc logo 2014

St. Monica’s College uses Recycled Paper

October 12, 2014,    By: St. Monica’s College

Since 2012 when we undertook the Waste Module, we have been using 100% recycled paper in toilets and a biodegradable hand soap. This decision initially met with some concern as the soap dispensers had been damaged in the past and occasionally the toilet paper had been used for purposes other than what it was designed [...]

Bike racks

Ride2School Award

October 11, 2014,    By: Solway Primary School

Every year Solway participates in National Ride2School Day which is organised by the Bicycle Network of Australia. In Term Two Solway won a bike rack because we had a huge number of students ride, walk or scoot to school on that day! Graham Watt, our local member of parliament, came to assembly to present us [...]

Solway branded tap water bottle

Tap water in use

October 11, 2014,    By: Solway Primary School

Problem: For our school fair in November we need to sell water, but don’t want to add to landfill. Solution? Getting these refillable water bottles made, which will be pre-filled with tap water and available for sale on the day. They have the Solway logo and say “Tap water in use” on both sides.