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School Projects

Year 6 Story

May 1, 2015,    By: Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Year 6 recently visited two off school sites to learn about different marine environments, the issues faced by these environments and what we can do to help. At the aquarium we learnt about a number of different environments and the issues face by these environments. Guides were able to explain these to our students. They [...]

Global_Indonesia 2

CERES Global are heading to Indonesia in June!

April 30, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Are you a school teacher wondering how to spend the term holidays at the end of June 2015? We’re looking for teachers to come and join us on our trip to Indonesia to engage with teachers from the Cipanas community.


Washing Against Waste

April 23, 2015,    By: Chatham Primary School

Chatham Primary school held its very successful biennial School Fair on Saturday, 28th February 2015.  This Fair is our School’s pre-eminent fund raiser and not only brings past and present students and their families together, it brings the whole neighbourhood and community together.  On offer at this year’s Fair was the biggest selection yet of [...]


Earth Hour Concert

April 22, 2015,    By: St. Monica’s College

Here is a brief summary of how we celebrated Earth Hour in 2015

Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School Logo

Primary Sensory Garden

April 22, 2015,    By: Yarra Ranges Special Developmental School

How we turned a “backy yard” environment into a sensory garden for primary years students at Mt. Evelyn Special Developmental School.


Australian Food

April 22, 2015,    By: Huntingdale Primary School

Last year the school promoted buying Australian food to reduce the cost to the environment through unnecessary transportation of food, producing green house gasses. We encourage the community to support this at home by purchasing Australian food.

earth hour

Earth Hour

April 22, 2015,    By: Huntingdale Primary School

2w performed at assembly to show how electricity can pollute the environment and promoted Earth Hour to reduce pollution. Families were asked to participate in Earth Hour by filling out a form and returning it to school, explaining how they spent their Earth Hour.

clena up aus

Clean Up Australia Day

April 22, 2015,    By: Huntingdale Primary School

The grade 2s have worked together to clean up the school grounds as part of Clean Up Australia Day. Great job Grade 2s

Box Hill North Primary School Logo

Box Hill North Primary School Sustainability Survey 2014

April 20, 2015,    By: Box Hill North Primary School

Students and parents were asked to complete the Sustainability survey in 2013 and 2014. Results were presented to the Sustainability Committee and School Council

Plenty Parklands Primary School Logo

Clean Up Australia Day

April 18, 2015,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

In Term 1, year 3 students have been learning about environmental sustainability in the lead up to Clean up Australia Day. Each year, Year 3 students at PPPS have demonstrated their support for caring for the environment through participating in schools Clean up Australia Day.  Well done to all of the students involved.  

Plenty Parklands Primary School Logo

The Catchment Story

April 18, 2015,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

In Term 1, year 3 students were very lucky to have the environmental educators from Darebin Parklands visit our school to teach us about the impact people have on the Darebin Creek. Students were able to dress up and pretend to be people living along the Darebin Creek. The characters added different pollutants to the [...]

Doncaster Gardens Logo

Environment Misconceptions

April 17, 2015,    By: Doncaster Gardens Primary School

The Year six students investigated an inquiry unit about Environmental misconceptions.

DoncasterGardensPS_solarproject (thumbnail)

Year 6 Solar Project

April 16, 2015,    By: Doncaster Gardens Primary School

The students researched alternative energy sources. We focused on solar power, researching the benefits of solar power, where it is used and how it works. The students investigated the positive and negative aspects of solar power including cost benefits, environmental benefits, viability, etc. The project finished when students created a solar powered product.

Preshil Garden

Biodiversity at Preshil

April 16, 2015,    By: Preshil The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School (Arlington Campus)

At Preshil, we have been busy with a great project to enhance biodiversity within our school and our curriculum. Check out our school blog to read more

Mother Teresa PS Profile Photo

Grant applications

April 15, 2015,    By: Mother Teresa Primary School

Please read the attached document for an overview of our grant applications

community partnership - ground to ground at BHPS

Sustainability Partnership

April 14, 2015,    By: Boronia Heights Primary School

Over the last few months the Eco Warriors from Boronia Heights Primary School have been collecting used coffee grounds from a local café – ‘Koko Lime’. This is a great partnership that helps them reduce their landfill waste and helps us by providing a natural insecticide for our veggie patch.

AESA logo (for the Hub)

Please spare 10-15 minutes for EfS

April 1, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

The Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance (AESA) is about to commence further research about Education for Sustainability in Australian Schools. Earlier research conducted on behalf of AESA in 2014 suggested that 40% of nearly 5000 teachers who responded to the survey lacked awareness of Education for Sustainability in the Australian Curriculum and a further 40% [...]

Mark Smith

What Inspires Me – Interview with Mark Smith

April 1, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

This month we interview Mark Smith from Planet Savers for ‘What Inpsire Me’

Our Say April 2015 (for the Hub)

Our Say – Turning the tide on emissions

March 31, 2015,    By: Planet Savers

In a Victorian school the energy you use is the largest impact you make on the environment. A student in Victoria has one of the highest energy footprint of any student educated anywhere in the world.

Progress workshops (for Hub)

Helping schools reach for the Stars

March 31, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Sustainability Victoria (SV) has provided funding to support two local workshops in each metropolitan and regional area to assist schools in completing modules and stars. The free full-day workshops also supplied CRT funding for up to 10 teachers as well as provided intensive support from experienced ResourceSmart facilitators and assessors. CERES was engaged to develop [...]