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Dolphin Research Institute Day 3 Report

10th November 2016,     BY: Beaumaris Primary School

By Imogen Miller, parent

We met several other bayside schools at the Large drain behind Elsternwick Primary. This drain carries all the storm waters from the near lying areas of bayside out into the bay.  We started the day with a discussion about the effects of urban design on the environment and the how our massive population growth means we are running out of ways to manage our waste.

We then went down to the golf course and collected water from one of the gold lakes and examined the invertebrates. We noted that there was not much fresh water invertebrates in the collection but we tested the Ph, the phosphorus and nutrient content which was interesting. We noted that the mini lake made a huge difference to the amount of rubbish sent out to the bay. One of the big points we noted was the issue of cooking oil being sent out from households into the bay and the devastating effects on the wildlife.  The students are interested in creating an awareness campaign within the school to educate families about how to correctly dispose of cooking oil. The Bayside council sustainability project officer, Steph is able to offer some assistance on this.

We head to the beach after lunch and met with the citywide employees who are responsible for sweeping the beaches of rubbish. To date the council has collected 23 tonne of rubbish of the beaches in bayside….an incredible figure. The students split into two groups where we conducted a rubbish survey and noted in a 15 minute rubbish collection off the beach, 100 pieces of plastic per school, 40 cigarette butts and items that were obvious in quantity were lolliypop sticks.  It was suggested the students could create a similar survey at school to see what are the key areas of waste that are being picked up.

the second group then met with the parks and garden workers where they collected rubbish from the surrounding bushes where rubbish is dropped by the public and blown up off the beach. Each group of 4 filled half a large bag of rubbish. 2 children found $10! and a football. yay!


The students have taken a full page of notes and heaps of photos where it would be a great idea for them to create a simple presentation to their classes and possibly the school. We have also talked about how we can manage the rubbish at our upcoming fete and promote to our local community about some of the key points from the day attended. I would be happy to assist in putting a strategy together for waste management at the fete and help the kids promote awareness on the day.

The day was most successful and the next day is down at Ricketts point in November where salt water invertebrates will be examined. This is an excellent program for the students and well run by the Dolphin Research Institute.