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How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to Wormlover’s School Curriculum & Incursion Program

September 13, 2017,    By: Wormlovers

This program helps schools to better understand the importance of worm farming and the ‘nutrient cycle’ to transform waste into valuable soil and plant food and assist with implementing a successful worm farming program in their school.


Using Ice Cream Containers to Save Water…

September 5, 2017,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

The Green Cadets are in the process of collecting ice cream containers to put underneath leaking taps at our school. Our aim is to be able to put ice cream containers under each tap around the school to save water. The water collected will then […]


Find out what PPPS is doing to be sustainable!

September 5, 2017,    By: Plenty Parklands Primary

PPPS has recently been conducting a water audit around the school. This involved heading to each bathroom and tap during our own lunch time to see if there were any leaks and taps or toilets not working properly. We recorded this information on a school […]



August 24, 2017,    By: Trinity Catholic School

The Lorax is a fantastic story written by Dr Seuss back in 1971! The Lorax is a passionate little creature who stands up for the environment. Watch the video story to find out what happens to the trees!

Watch Video...


August 24, 2017,    By: Trinity Catholic School

World Water Week is coming up. If you would like to you can explore some of the videos and activities related to this wonderful week.

FELP image

Future Environmental Leaders Program (fully funded)

July 25, 2017,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is running a fully funded leadership program for Year 9 and 10 students around Melbourne in Term 3 and 4 this year. The Future Environmental Leaders Program (FELP) focuses on personal, social and environmental sustainability, aiming to connect students […]


Include Nude Food!

June 30, 2017,    By: John Henry Primary School

Include Nude Food! Introduction Nude food is a environmental ‘program’ that is used by many schools and people all over the world. The schools have a day, or multiple days, that the children bring no wrapper food. This means they bring their food in reusable […]


National Tree Day at John Henry Primary School

June 29, 2017,    By: John Henry Primary School

Welcome to John Henry Primary School! We are striving to be a 5-star ResourceSmart school, and to do this we have many ideas and visions in place to beautify our school grounds and to minimise the impact that we as a community have on our […]



June 24, 2017,    By: Homestead

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by home preservation of food stuffs and subsistence agriculture! It may also involve the small scale production of textiles and craft work for household use or sale. And, Homestead.org is a place to learn homesteading and […]


Blog post by Siena

June 21, 2017,    By: Trinity Catholic School

Animals in the world are hurt by plastic and other kinds of harmful waste. Kids in Trinity are concerned for the marine life and how they are affected by plastic. Here are some ways to help: put all plastic bags in the Coles and Woolworths […]