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Include Nude Food!

June 30, 2017,    By: John Henry Primary School

Include Nude Food! Introduction Nude food is a environmental ‘program’ that is used by many schools and people all over the world. The schools have a day, or multiple days, that the children bring no wrapper food. This means they bring their food in reusable […]


National Tree Day at John Henry Primary School

June 29, 2017,    By: John Henry Primary School

Welcome to John Henry Primary School! We are striving to be a 5-star ResourceSmart school, and to do this we have many ideas and visions in place to beautify our school grounds and to minimise the impact that we as a community have on our […]

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day

June 15, 2017,    By: Strathaird Primary School

Strathaird Primary School was very excited when our Green Team placed 3rd in a recent Clean Up Australia Day Blueprint competition. Our blueprint was a design of a native bee home to be installed at the primary school.

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Learniing Story about Waste Management

May 16, 2017,    By: St. Agnes Catholic Primary School

Learning Story   St Agnes’ has begun a wonderful initiative in reducing waste amongst the students.   Each week a class is allocated paper recycling duty. For example, last week 3/4K were rostered on. At least twice a week, after lunch, the students go around […]

Cool Australia Online PD (crowd) no logo

PD from the comfort of your chair

May 15, 2017,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Cool Australia now offer affordable online professional development. Enrol before June 30 using our promo code to receive 50% off your first course!


Food Web Game

May 3, 2017,    By: Gould League

Click and drag animals from Australian, African, Antarctic and Marine Food Webs into their trophic levels: producucer, herbivore, carnivore/omnivore, top-level carnivore, etc. Simply download the unity player to play.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Logo

How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to the Victorian Pleasurable Food Education Package

February 15, 2017,    By: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

This program provides quality services to schools to assist them with designing and building a successful food garden. Connects to the Biodiversity, Water and Waste modules of ResourceSmart Schools.

Monash City Council_140x140

Monash City Council – What’s on this Term

February 7, 2017,    By: Monash City Council

Teacher Environment Network Meeting – TBC, needs your vote! War on Waste Teachers Tour When: Thursday, 14 September 2017 Time: 9:30 – 4:15pm Details: Are you or your colleagues interested in attending a Teachers Environment Network full day PD day on waste, recycling and resource recovery […]

Training Courses 2017_image

CERES Training Guide 2017

January 17, 2017,    By: CERES Education – Training Team

Check out our CERES Training Guide 2017 including lots of exciting new workshops on offer!

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Veggie Garden

December 1, 2016,    By: Lalor Gardens Primary School

Check out our veggies!

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