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Love Letter to Food

February 10, 2015,    By: Carey Baptist Grammar School Donvale Campus

This is a great clip to use with students to discuss: How we use food in everyday life Food wastage Use-by and best before dates Buying/taking too much food Expectations of ‘perfect’ fruits and vegetables contributing to food waste Energy inputs into growing food


Tree-free Toilet Paper

January 15, 2015,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

Check out this great article from David Suzuki’s website on alternatives to traditional toilet paper. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the shops for tree-free toilet paper.

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Litter Free Living

December 19, 2014,    By: Litter Free Living

Reusable Products

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Litter Free School Lunches

December 19, 2014,    By: Litter Free Living

Our goal is to help you work towards litter free lunches as well as raise money for your school. We aim to provide your community with the resources which will make litter free lunches simple. Register for a Litter Free Living fundraiser www.litterfreeliving.com.au Benefits of […]

Waste Not

Waste Not

November 20, 2014,    By: CERES Education – Outreach Team

A fun interactive website all about waste. Includes videos, activities, creative interpretations of waste, an interactive timeline of the history of waste, campaigns for change. Check it out!


Zero Waste Fete

October 22, 2014,    By: Albert Park Primary School

Albert Park Primary School attempted a Zero Waste Fete for this first time in 2014.  It was a real challenge!  Read our report to learn about our success and failure and what we plan to do next time.  Maybe it can help you to plan […]


Waste at Manchester Primary School

October 20, 2014,    By: Manchester Primary School

Manchester Primary Schools Resource Smart Awards entry for Waste 2014

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My Green Lunchbox

How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to My Green Lunch Box

September 25, 2014,    By: My Green Lunch Box

This program assists schools to support rubbish free lunch days and healthy eating for children while raising funds for your school through the sale of BPA free lunch boxes, drink bottles & sandwich wraps. Connects to the Waste module of ResourceSmart Schools.

recycling food waste at school guide

Recycling Food Waste at School

August 1, 2014,    By: Metro Waste Management Group

Check out this ‘Recycling Food Waste at School’ guide for information and strategies which will help your school reduce food waste, divert waste from landfill and achieve educational, economical, social and environmental outcomes.


How ResourceSmart Schools Connects to Take 3

July 18, 2014,    By: Take 3

This program helps schools to stop litter and be proactive on reducing waste at school and in the community. Connects to the Waste and Water modules of ResourceSmart Schools.