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About ResourceSmart Schools

3rd August 2016 BY: sustainabilityhub@ceres.org.au

Over 1,000 Victorian primary and secondary schools are involved in this
award-winning initiative!

ResourceSmart Schools a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. Here’s why your school should get involved: 

  • Sustainable Living – Minimise waste, save energy and water, improve biodiversity and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Savings – Save money by reducing electricity, gas, waste and water bills.
  • Real-life Learning – Teacher professional development supports student learning and their opportunity to take action.
  • Building Community – Connect with your school and local community, other schools and environmental partners.
  • Recognition – Reach for the stars and receive statewide recognition with Sustainability Certification.

The ResourceSmart Schools program is now available for Early Childhood centres. A pilot program involving 9 centres commenced in 2013, in which 3 were facilitated by CERES Education. For more information on how we can work with your early years centre, download a copy of our ResourceSmart in Early Childhood flyer.


If your school is in the Northern, Eastern or Southern Metro Regions of Melbourne…

(If not, please click here to find your local provider)

CERES Education has funding from Sustainability Victoria, Catholic Education Melbourne and local councils to allocate a CERES facilitator to your school to provide:

  • kids3Face-to-face consultation meetings about workplace operations, curriculum and community engagement.
  • A staff professional development workshop.
  • Pop-up meetings so you can meet other local schools.
  • Links to the exciting programs of our partners as well as local council services. 
  • Phone and email support.
  • Assessment of ResourceSmart modules and stars.

Click on ‘Apply Online’ (above) to read more and submit your application for funded support.


CERES would like to acknowledge Environment Education Victoria (EEV) who are delivering ResourceSmart Schools in the Western Metro Region of Melbourne. Visit EEV’s website to read more about this professional association for teachers – www.eev.vic.edu.au



Visit www.resourcesmartschools.vic.gov.au to find out more about this fantastic initiative
and access your ResourceSmart Online account!