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Cultural Incursions

3rd August 2016 BY:

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Discover traditional and contemporary celebrations, customs and traditions.


Prep to Year 10 – Indian CelebrationsHenna

  • Become part of different traditional Indian celebrations.
  • Experience the dazzling cottons, silk saris and kurtas worn at festivals.
  • Experience the culture and tradition.
  • Learn about beautiful wedding jewellery and food.
  • Get a beautiful Henna Tattoo, or for an extra $3 design your own with a Henna cone.


Prep to Year 10 – Indian Music and Dancing

  • Indian dancingPerform modern Bollywood style Indian dancing.
  • Chant traditional Bhajans and explore the role of music within religion and festivals.
  • Clap and speak rhythms using traditional Aarati.
  • Learn about the different musical instruments.
  • Learn a counting song in Hindi.


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