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Student Leadership – Do More With LESS

3rd August 2016 BY: sustainabilityhub@ceres.org.au

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Do More with LESS (Leaders in Environmentally Sustainable Schools)

This program will expand on CERES’ current school leadership workshop and conference program by delivering full day incursion workshops to regional and metropolitan schools and leadership conferences to regional hubs. The program also includes the delivery of incursions in the CERES mobile energy classroom. This interactive learning experience will demonstrate renewable energy technologies to schools across Victoria.

Do More with LESS Incursions

domorewithlessDo you want to empower your students to become the sustainability leaders of tomorrow? Then Do More With LESS is for you. This transformational program supports students to let their inner-leader shine and carry out sustainability projects at home and/or school.

In a world of finite resources, facing growing population and consumption, it is more crucial than ever to empower young people to become resourceful leaders, inspired and committed to taking action to create positive change within their communities.

Choose a theme for your incursion:

  • Waste Primary
  • Waste Secondary
  • Energy Primary
  • Energy Secondary

Visit One:

A 4 hour school based workshop to support a group of students to let their inner-leader shine and plan environmental projects for school. A facilitator from the CERES Education team will work with the group to: 

  • Investigate concepts of sustainability and human impact on natural environments
  • Conduct student led audits to find out ‘where things are at’ at your school
  • Be guided through an action planning process to prepare for an environmental project
  • Explore examples of what it means to be a leader
  • Workshop ideas for taking action in your community
  • Get hints and tips on making your projects successful through communication, behaviour change and collaboration

Visit Two:

Receive a follow up 4 hour visit to help continue your schools journey. Visit two will be delivered by the same facilitator wherever possible, to provide additional support for projects outlined in the action plans by the students during visit one and to help overcome barriers at school. This support will be tailored to the particular requirements and requests of each student group but could involve activities including: 

  • Assembly guest speaker
  • Support to plan whole school projects (e.g. Green Day)
  • Further waste or energy Audits
  • Classroom Visits with Eco Team 
  • Advice on long term goals  

Want to book this program
 to train your student team? Please contact us via email at education@ceres.org.au or on (03) 9389 0144

You are welcome to invite student teams from other local schools to share your Do More with LESS Workshop. This is a wonderful way to share ideas and celebrate sustainability programs with other schools.


Do More with LESS Conferences



We invite student representatives and a staff member from your school to join us for a hands-on, active student leadership conference prioritising energy and waste reduction. Share learning from your school projects, experience the CERES mobile energy classroom and take home a completed workbook to inspire further action on energy and waste reduction at school. Earlier this year, CERES Education worked with regional hubs to organise six FREE Do More with LESS Student Leadership conferences around Victoria.
These were delivered five conferences in: 

  • Kyneton
  • Warrnambool
  • Wycheproof
  • Mildura
  • Geelong

If you would like to learn more about hosting a Do More With LESS Student Leadership Conference in your region please contact ceresDMWL@gmail.com

Do More with LESS supports ResourceSmart Schools:

  • RSAV Character SignStudent involvement in planning and managing actions from the ResourceSmart checklists.
  • Conducting audits / assessments.
  • An active School Environment Club.
  • School Environment Captains/Leaders.
  • An incursion to provide students and teachers with knowledge about a module.
  • Visits by guest speakers/in-school education programs.
  • Monitoring school resource use.
  • Working with other schools/networks on sustainability projects.


Thank you, RACV!

RACV logoRACV has community partnerships with selected non-profit organisations, providing financial support to each organisation to run specific programs that will benefit Victorians. RACV work closely with each partner to help increase awareness of their work as well as involve RACV members and staff in their activities. RACV’s two year partnership with CERES will fund Energy Smart Choices – Educating Schools and Communities through the Do More With LESS program.



booknow Click here to book a Do More with LESS workshop or conference.