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Sustainability Incursions

3rd August 2016 BY: sustainabilityhub@ceres.org.au

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Empowering students to take action in innovative ways.


Grade 3 to 6 – Australia 2050

Working collaboratively, students creatively envision real alternatives for a positive future in this 45 minute program.

  • Personal futures visioning – imagine what our world will look like in 2050.
  • Investigate where resources come from and how they are all connected to ecosystems.
  • Discuss some of the current issues in modern living and introduce the concept of a ‘take-make-waste’ society.
  • Build a ‘Green Town’ – using real-world, innovative ideas about living sustainably, explore how to live sustainably in a community setting.



Grade 3 to 6 – Environmental Solutions

A great ‘all rounder’! In this 45 minute program, students learn about their own personal impact on the natural environment. 

  • Learn about the four main areas of sustainability – biodiversity, energy, waste and water.
  • Explore some of the major environmental challenges AND their solutions.
  • Investigate the sustainable features of your school.
  • Investigate easy and exciting actions that can be done at your school.

Year 7 to 10 – Australia 2050

Working collaboratively, students creatively envision real alternatives for a positive future in this 45 minute program.

  • Make important decisions based on lifestyle and population to predict your future for the year 2050. The survey results lead to one of the twelve future social and environmental scenarios.
  • How do your decisions contribute to global warming and climate change?


Sustainability: A Global Perspective (Year 7 to 10)

Sustainable Hands with Countries

Students are supported to consider actions they can take in order to be part of the solution in this 45 minute program.

  • Find out more about the concept of sustainability and how this concept fits in with global societies.
  • Explore through experiential learning that most developed areas of the world are living in an unsustainable manner.
  • Gain perspectives in sustainability through Earth wisdom, wisdom from other ways of life, and tapping into the individual wisdom we all hold. 
  • Discover, through visual activities, that human development and dominance on Earth has only occurred for a very short time in the history of the earth.
  • Investigate resource depletion and distribution and discuss causes and consequences of this.
  • Explore causes and consequences of climate change which is directly related to the unsustainable way in which humans have been living.
  • Discuss what is already being done or could be done at home and school to live more sustainably.


Grade 3 to 6 and Year 7 to 10 – Do More with LESS


Support students to let their inner-leader shine and carry out sustainability projects at home and/or school in this 4 hour program.

  • Explore concepts of what it means to be a leader.
  • Investigate concepts of ‘sustainability’ and human impact on the natural environment.
  • Conduct student-led sustainability audits to find out “where things are at” at your school.
  • Workshop ideas for taking action in your community.
  • Be guided through an action planning process to prepare for an upcoming school year, a single term or an individual project.
  • Get hints and tips on making your projects successful through communication and getting others involved.

Themes available for your in-school workshop:

  • Energy – Energy Flows
  • Waste – Food Systems



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