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Meet the CERES Education Team

Meet our dedicated, passionate and expert team of educators that deliver a range of inspiring programs for early childhood centres, schools, tertiary institutions and individuals.


Shane French
Shane FrenchExcursions Area Manager
Shane’s environmental journey started when his Mum sat him down at the age of about 11 and explained that the environment was in crisis. He wasn’t sure he understood at the time, but those lessons and insights sat with him somewhere until they were ready to bloom. Whilst doing his Environment Degree at RMIT in 1999, Shane worked part time for Greenpeace Australia, training local fundraisers and campaigners. During this time he also helped put together a travelling environment education children’s show called “The Trash Fairies” in which he had the honour of playing Punk Fairy. This experience helped plant the seed of the education bug he later contracted. After finishing up at Greenpeace, Shane pursued a teaching degree at Melbourne University, and on completion of this worked part time at both Melbourne Zoo and CERES as an environmental educator. In 2006, Shane focused solely on teaching at CERES which lead him to becoming the CERES Education Excursions Manager in 2012.Shane remains more committed than ever to the CERES mission: “Address the causes of climate change, Promote social well-being and connectedness, Build local and global equity, and Embrace and facilitate rapid change.” Most importantly, Shane is a passionate supporter of the Richmond Football club and the English cricket team. Both of which are fantastic character building pass-times.
Darren Tinker
Darren TinkerExcursions Land Programs Coordinator
Darren has a passion for plants and the way people interact with the natural environment. Coming from a horticulture and geography background, he discovered his passion for education and engaging people through environmental education while working as an educator at La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary and also in his time as an Environmental Programs Assistant at a private college. Darren enjoys volunteering with humanitarian and environmental organisations, participates in community projects and has a keen interest in Permaculture. Outside of CERES he also works as a gardener with the Diggers Club. 
Nilima Parte
Nilima ParteIncursions Coordinator
Nilima completed her graduation in microbiology which followed completing a post graduation in Environmental Science. She also completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Nilima started working at CERES 4 years ago as an educator for incursions delivering environmental & cultural programs. She likes to be happy, and her hobbies include painting, sewing, and meditation. Nilima likes to go for long walks and play badminton. She loves CERES!
Greta Muhleisen
Greta MuhleisenEducation Bookings Coordinator
Greta’s passion for the environment began early. While in primary school her grandparents were showing family photos of the farm started near Leongatha in the 1850s. The first photo showed a small cottage surrounded by ancient forest. A photo taken several decades later showed all the trees completely gone. Greta was shocked and is still saddened of her family legacy on the environment and this was one of the key moments in her life where she wanted to make a positive impact instead. Greta studied Biological Sciences with Honours in marine ecology and a Post Graduate Diploma in teaching. She has done voluntary work at several organisations such as the Wildlife Sanctuary at Latrobe University and the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliff. A mixture of retail and education work brought her to start at CERES in 2005 as a casual teacher. In 2010 she became Water Programs Coordinator before finally landing her current position as Bookings Coordinator in 2012. She also combines this work with her other position at the Melbourne Museum as an Animal Keeper for the live invertebrates and reptiles and birds on display. She has also held this position since 2005 when she first began at CERES and firmly believes you should always work with animals and children.
Lauren Kaszubski
Lauren KaszubskiExcursions Waste Programs Coordinator & Outreach Educator
It all started in Year 9 when Lauren heard the first-hand story of a woman living in the tree top of a Californian Redwood for 464 days in protest against the logging of local Redwood forests. It was the story that would inspire Lauren to start the first ever Environmental Awareness Group at her high school and go on to study Environmental Science & Management at the University of Newcastle. During her time of study Lauren started working casually in outdoor education programs and this soon ignited her passion to work with children and the environment at the same time. Now-a- days Lauren is all about worm poo, recycling & waste management, and local food systems. Lauren started volunteering at CERES in 2013 and soon after became one of the CERES Excursions casual teachers. As of late 2013 Lauren has been the Excursions Waste Programs Co-ordinator. With her passion and knowledge combined Lauren works towards providing students with creative hands-on learning experiences that they can carry with them throughout their day-to-day lives.
Subik Baso
Subik BasoExcursions Cultural Programs Coordinator
Bio coming soon
Tom Lang
Tom LangEnergy Education Coordinator
Tom grew up on a sheep farm, surrounded by animals, trees, and stars, but spent most of his time reading instead of working. He’s always had a passion for making stuff, learning things, and talking to people, but never quite managed to combine the three until he stumbled on the strange field of Science Communication. In hindsight, it was obvious. He spent 2011 travelling around Australia with Questacon’s Science Circus, and then returned to Melbourne to spend five years exploding things, making robots, and pointing at stars with Scienceworks, Primesci, and briefly, on a geological research ship. He joined CERES as Energy Education Coordinator in 2017, where he is kept busy fiddling with solar panels and buckets of coal. Outside of CERES he can be found designing boardgames and doing comedy shows.


Jane Burns
Jane BurnsOutreach Area Manager
Jane has a background in education with experience in secondary school teaching, training, and curriculum writing in schools, community groups and the not-for-profit sector. Jane is passionate about designing and delivering education programs that contribute to making a difference in the world and bring value to communities. With a strong desire to make a contribution in her career, Jane has developed and managed a range of educational projects and programs with a social, community and environmental focus. In 2016 Jane was awarded the prestigious Environment Education Victoria award, The Environmental & Sustainability Educator of the Year 2015. She believes that schools and early childhood settings are perfectly placed to engage children, students and teachers in learning about the environment and gain skills and knowledge to be leaders in their communities.
Randy Mendez
Randy MendezResourceSmart Schools Northern Metro Coordinator & Deputy Lead Sustainability Partner New Schools PPP Project
Randy has a passion for the environment and education. He has a background in Environmental Science, having received his Bachelor’s of Environmental and Occupational Health Science from the U.S. and his Masters of Environmental Science from Macquarie University in Sydney. His experience in education includes working with primary students, secondary students and students with disabilities in Australia, the U.S. and East Timor. He has prior experience facilitating environmental education programs and working in the renewable energy industry.His aim is to ingrain sustainability as an everyday, normal part of society and believes education is the first step in making this possible.
Nick Rickard
Nick RickardResourceSmart Schools Eastern Metro Coordinator
Nick is passionate about sustainability and advocating for strong action on climate change. He has a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) from RMIT University and has gained experience in environmental education through his voluntary work with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, organising sustainability summits for high school students. Nick is committed to living sustainably and loves inspiring and empowering others to do the same. He sees climate change as an issue that affects everyone and believes education is an important step in working together to secure a healthy planet for future generations.
Michelle Sanahon
Michelle SanahonOutreach Communications Manager
After completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Michelle decided that the IT world wasn’t for her. Instead she stumbled across the wonderful world that was CERES, and since 2003 has worked in various roles and today is Communications Manager for the CERES Outreach team. Michelle’s role includes ensuring that our centres, schools, Partners, and the wider community are informed about CERES Education news and available opportunities in the realm of environmental education. Michelle is also passionate about sustainable/ethical fashion, travel and dreams of living off the grid.
Deanne Jones
Deanne JonesOutreach Educator
Deanne has had a passion for the environment and an interest in social justice issues from a young age. This has led her to explore and volunteer in the natural world both within and beyond Australia; living in Argentina as an exchange student and exploring the unique environments of South America, East Africa and Asia. She has also completed a Bachelor of Science (Biological Science) and later a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary and Secondary). Deanne has worked in a number of organisations including the Melbourne Aquarium Education and Interpretation team, Gould League and Knox City Council as a Community Sustainability Officer. In total, she has worked and volunteered in the Environment field for over 15 years. Deanne joined the CERES Outreach team in 2012 after introducing her daughter into the world. She believes sustainability education and empowering the next generation is essential in helping to build a sustainable future for all.
Emmanuelle Delomenede
Emmanuelle DelomenedeOutreach Educator
After completing her engineering degree in France, Emmanuelle undertook a Master’s degree of Energy Studies at the University of Melbourne specializing in the environmental impacts of buildings. Prior to CERES, Emmanuelle was working as an Energy Consultant in a large engineering company, undertaking holistic design and operational sustainability assessments of major commercial buildings. She joined the Outreach team in September 2015 and is really excited to now be working with Victorian schools as she strongly believes in a bottom-up approach to drive change, starting at the community level and through early/primary education. Emmanuelle is passionate about sharing her dedication to sustainability and resilient resource systems and hopes to inspire the next generation.
Meg Collis
Meg CollisOutreach Educator
Meg has spent her life working to achieve many a goal; among them, her six-year-old self’s dream of BECOMING David Attenborough. This ambition led her to complete a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Science (Zoology and Ecology), and to seek out work that promotes an appreciation for the environment and empathy for others. Meg has delivered engaging science education programs to Indigenous students on Cape York with CSIRO Education, trained young people in practical conservation with Conservation Volunteers Australia, delivered numerous outreach programs through her work as Sustainability Project Officer at James Cook University, and more recently, has enjoyed volunteering with CERES’ Tamil Feasts. The things we all love about David, we love about Meg – she’s engaging, curious, energetic, well-travelled, and ready to get her hands well and truly dirty in the pursuit of a more just and sustainable future.
Alex Hoffman
Alex HoffmanOutreach Educator
Alex’s passion for the environment was for many years unconscious; a natural byproduct of climbing trees, bushwalking and swimming in the ocean. After completing a Bachelor of Arts, she moved to Canada where she balanced academic endeavors along side community gardening projects, as well as a stint as a whale watching assistant. A passion for conservation and environmental awareness was born. In 2011, Alex participated in ‘Otesha: Cycling for Sustainability’ and completed a pedal-powered tour from Melbourne to Canberra, delivering school workshops and a theatrical performance on sustainability and social justice. Since completing a Diploma in Primary Teaching, she has employed skills in teaching, facilitation and programme development across various educational and community organisations. Alex has been a member of the Ceres Education team for five years and is currently Coordinator of the Do More With L.E.S.S. Student Leadership programme and a ResourceSmart facilitator.


Lorna Pettifer
Lorna PettiferTraining Group Manager
Lorna Pettifer has been working in environmental education and presenting to community groups on sustainability for more than 10 years. At CERES Lorna passionately manages and delivers adult education and training programs. Her background in sustainability stems from ecology and zoology and has broadened to community engagement, environmental management, behaviour change and farm and food programs. Lorna has worked with community groups, schools and individuals. Her work has supported teachers, students, households and organisations in sustainability management and behavior change. As an environmental advocate she has worked in National Parks, Environmental Consultancies, Universities, NGOs and Wildlife reserves as a conservationist, educator, tour guide, bush regenerator, GIS Consultant, environmental modeller and researcher. As CERES Training Group Manager she aims to expand our existing adult and youth education programs and offer more accredited training and new education experiences at CERES.
Luisa Cardamone
Luisa CardamoneTraining Area Manager
For over 20 years, Luisa had visited the site as a nearby neighbour and for the past five years has been thrilled to call CERES her workplace. Luisa coordinates the adult learning programs encompassing workshops and short courses across all things sustainable for individuals and groups ranging from corporate to the marginalised. Across gardening, cooking and the creative, her aim is to draw expert, passionate presenters to pass on their knowledge and skills so we can continue to lighten our footprint.