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hungryplanetHungry Planet

1. Match the family photo with their name, location and how much money they spend on food per week.
2. Find out if you were right by looking at the answer sheet.

Click here to download CERES Education’s Hungry Planet cards.

Click here to visit the Hungry Planet website and buy the book.



Life Cycle of PaperLife Cycle of a Computer, Paper or Plastic and Green Bags

Use the cards to put together the Life Cycle of a Computer, Paper or Plastic and Green Bags. See if you can make a circle with the cards
Look at the answer sheet to find out if you were right.
Look at the supporting materials to further investigate each stage of the life cycle.

Click here to visit the RMIT Life Cycle Resources page on the Sustainability Hub.



waste break downWaste Break Down

How long does it take for items to break down (rot or biodegrade) in landfill?
1. Look at the cards and place each object under the time you think it takes to biodegrade in landfill (dumps / tips).
2. Look at the answers to see if you guessed right.

Click here to download the Waste Break Down Cards.



waste sortWaste Sort

1. Search for a range of things that go in the bin at your school or at home. You may need to clean each item to make it suitable for this activity (and watch out for sharp edges on cans etc).
2. Find 2-3 different ways of sorting the objects (including the bag). You can sort them in any way you like.
3. Look at the different CERES Waste Sort Fact Sheets to help inform your choices.

Click here to download the CERES Waste Sort Fact Sheets.



worm quizWorm Quiz

What do you know about worms? Feel free to ask your own questions or use the quiz questions provided by CERES Education. 

Click here to download the Worm Quiz Questions (and answers).




Find more waste resources on the Sustainability Hub by clicking here.