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Water Activities

embodied waterEmbodied Water

Embodied water is the water that is required to grow, manufacture and transport these products. 
1. Match the ‘every day item’ with the amount of embodied water it contains.
2. Look at the answer sheet to find out if you were right.

Click here to download the Embodied Water Activity Cards.


history of the yarra riverThe History of the Yarra

The choice of site for Melbourne was determined by the location and characteristics of the Yarra River.
1. Place the cards in order and find out more about the river’s history.
2. Based on what you learnt about the river’s history and what you know about its use today, discuss what you think the Yarra might look like or be used for in the future.

Click here to download the History of the Yarra images.


water cycleThe Water Cycle – Waterwise

1. Read the song to learn about the stages of the water cycle.
2. Use the cards provided to label each part of the water cycle.
3. Pretend you are a water molecule going through this journey. Tell your story as a first person narrative.

Click here to download the Waterwise resource (water cycle chart on p 16 and song on p 18, 19 and 20).


water dreamtime storyHow the Water Got to the Plains

Water plays a prominent role in many Dreamtime stories, many of which relate to the creation of different waterways.

1. Read the story ‘How the Water Got to the Plains’.
2. Retell the story using the cards provided.

Click here to download the story and activity cards.


where is waterWhere is Water?

You will need:
* 1 bucket
* 1 glass
* 1 soft drink bottle top
* 1 eye dropper

1. Create a sentence using the percentage cards and the place cards.
2. Match your sentences with the containers that best represent where water is found on Earth.
3. Look at the answer sheet to check if you were right.

Click here to download the Where is Water activity cards.


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