CERES Global Schools page will allow schools from around the globe to share their sustainability stories, be inspired by how sustainable practices are managed across cultures, and provide opportunities for schools to connect individually if they are interested in establishing a friendship school. We launch this project with a selection of schools in Timor Leste who are participating in a country-wide schools program teaching students sustainable good growing techniques. CERES Global is returning to Timor Leste in July 2019 to explore Sustainable Food Systems, School and Community Gardens. For further details and to join this trip, visit our CERES Global Timor Leste page.  Read about our 2018 trip here!

CERES Global Schools page also raises awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its Global Schools Program. Schools in Australia and around the world are teaching the SDGs as a practical framework to introduce complex local and global issues like gender inequality, climate change, local poverty, racism, and many others, while empowering students to start making the difference they want to see in their communities.

Why should schools teach the SDGs?
“More than ever, the world needs schools to continue their critical role of raising awareness and addressing pressing global challenges: they need to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and citizens to have a positive impact.”

Timor Leste