Our award-winning Cultural programs invite students to discover traditional and contemporary celebrations, customs and traditions.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Foundation to Year 10


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

Note: African activities can be included in a multicultural day at CERES with other cultural activities included in the Indonesian, Aboriginal and Indian programs.

  • Explore the collective work and responsibilities in an African Village: traditional welcoming, learn about families and work routines and the importance of teamwork and community
  • Participate in activities such as mud brick making and hut construction and thatching

Only available for Grade 3 to Year 10 students

  • Learn traditional drumming techniques on the djembe while exploring African music
  • Perform improvised solos and play a variety of African percussion instruments
  • Discover and learn different forms of traditional dances from Africa
  • Participate in chanting and group singing. Play games integrating sounds and movement
  • Learn about how children work and play in Africa
  • Collect water from the local river and have a go at carrying it back, the traditional way, to the village
  • Enjoy playing some African children’s games
  • Partake in a traditional celebration from Africa
  • Discover how to prepare the celebration. Perform a traditional dance
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