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Braided Rugs (online)

Learn off-loom, spiral-woven braiding techniques with artist Ilka White.

This 2-sessions workshop runs on the following date in 2021:

Saturday 16 October and Sunday 17 October

$110 | 1/2 days

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A great way to recycle old clothes and fabric!

Learn to make fantastic rag rugs using an off-loom, spiral-woven braiding technique. Ilka shares an inspiring off-loom, spiral-woven braiding technique with a range of colour and design possibilities in this two-part workshop.

This braiding technique weaves in as we go so there is no stitching up required afterwards. Beautiful and unique floor coverings are possible using contrasting colours, or you can blend patterned rags for a ‘carpet of flowers’.

Bring your own material to recycle and find out what riches can come from rags…

These sessions will be held online via Zoom. Participants will receive login details prior to the workshop.

Online Class in 2 sessions – Live on Zoom:

Session 1 – Saturday 16th October 9.30 am – 12.30 pm (*AEST) – Introduction and braiding basics

Session 2 – Sunday 17th October 9.30 am – 12.30 pm (*AEST) – Further design possibilities, tricky bits and rug finishing

*Note: AEST is Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can compare against your time zone.

Ilka White is an artist, designer and maker of textiles. Her work often responds to the forces at play within the natural world and reflects the principles of sustainability. She is a great believer in the ability of beauty and creativity to lift the spirit. An experienced teacher, Ilka’s popular classes also reflect her love of the handmade, and her contemporary use of traditional making methods.

What you will learn

  • Recycle old clothes and fabric
  • Spiral-woven braiding technique

Please have ready prior to the class:

  1. Clean, worn-out cloth you would like to cut into rags for your rug.
  2. Fabric Scissors
  3. A Clipboard (or a magazine and large bulldog clip) to anchor your braiding.
  4. A slender Crochet hook (ideal size is 2, 3, or 4mm) if you have one – or a handful of safety pins.
  5. Note pad and pen.
  6. If you have examples of recycled rag rugs in your possession or pictures, have them near you for show and tell!
  7. Snacks and a cuppa to keep you going.

Notes about the Cloth:

Don’t cut your rags beforehand. We’ll talk about appropriate widths in relation to different fabrics etc as part of the workshop. Even small scraps are usable!
Almost any cloth can be used besides terry towelling. It can be woven or knitted, natural or synthetic – or a mix of everything. A medium-weight cloth that won’t fray excessively is recommended, such as worn-out clothing, sheets, tablecloths or curtains. T-shirts are fine and other knits can be used. Extremely thick or stiff fabric such as canvas is tricky to work with but denim is ok. Rags that have reached the stage where they’d fall apart if you tugged on them may not be strong enough for rugs but make great cleaning cloths!

If in doubt, bring everything you have and we’ll use what works.

Colour – plays a large part in rug design. If the colours of your cast-offs don’t inspire you, pop into the op-shop and collect a broader range/colour palette of rag cloth to work with (avoid buying new fabric as this defeats the purpose of upcycling!)

Quantity – I’d say a couple of shirts or the equivalent amount of cloth is enough to bring along to the workshop, but you might like more colours to work with. (Most people’s work by the end of the workshop is about the size of a dinner plate. The completed size is up to you, and could range from a small mat to a room-sized rug – You’ll have all the skills you need to finish off the rug from this workshop.)

CERES reserves the right to cancel workshops due to insufficient numbers.

If we cancel the workshop you will be entitled to a 100% refund, or you may choose to transfer to another date, subject to availability.

If you decide to withdraw 7 or more days prior to the workshop date CERES will retain a 10% administration fee.

If you decide to withdraw less than 7 days prior to the workshop date CERES will retain 100% of your workshop fee.

Should CERES have to cancel the course due to Government changes relating to the COVD-19 response, we will let you know as soon as possible. Affected participants will be sent a notification that includes details on how to re-book another date or workshop. While cancellations on our part remain refundable within the specified time period, we do hope you will consider bearing with us in these precarious and trying times, and consider the rescheduled date where possible.


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