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Child-led nature-play and curiosity are at the heart of this program. Our experience connects children with nature in an outdoor setting, allowing the opportunity to explore independently and participate in caring for our environment mindfully. Our experience also aims to assist early learning educators and parents embed nature-play and sustainability into their centre.

Available for: Early childhood groups

This activity is available for groups booking for 3 hours, 1 day a week for 1 term.

CERES Bush Kinder delivers:

  • A weekly, 3-hour excursion to CERES for the length of one term, suitable for 4 and 5-year-olds
  • Each week the group will meet in an outdoor setting (rain or shine) at CERES. This space will be available for the duration of your visit and is situated close to toilets and water taps, and provided bins for recycling and compost waste only. All other waste must be taken back with you.
  • One of our experienced Outdoor Educators will work with your centre through the delivery of a pre and post program workshops

The Department of Education and Training encourages the use of natural areas for learning. The importance of learning outdoors is clearly identified in the Early Years Framework (Outcome 2) and National Quality Standards (Quality standard 3.2 & 3.2.3) for Early Childhood.

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Nature Playgroup

Our carefully designed learning experience will connect your children with nature, allow them to explore independently, discover the wonders of our natural world and participate in caring for our environment. Your children will experience the wonders of the outdoors through building bush cubbies, making art using natural objects, meeting insects & worms plus more.
Who: Children 3-6 years old accompanied by a guardian (younger siblings welcome)
Where: The Village Green at CERES
When: Mondays 10 am -12 pm, July 22 to September 9, 2019
Cost: $200 for 8 weeks (Concession $160) 
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Contact the Education Bookings Team
(03) 9389 0144

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