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Farming For Our Future – Incursion

F-Y2 What are pollinators and mini beasts? Why are they important to our farms? What is compost and how does it help us to grow food?

Y3-10 How has using chemicals impacted our farms and environment? How does caring for our soil help to tackle climate change? What are some current solutions to transform our food system?

Year Level
Years F-10

$200 / 45 minute session
+ booking fee
(minimum of 3 sessions per day)

Join our expert educators and explore the concepts of organic urban gardening. Discover where food comes from and how organic food systems connect to a healthy self, community and planet, and investigate the wondrous relationship between bees, bugs and soil.  Our educators will guide students through problem solving and action planning to create change within their school community and explore solutions to increase local food production at school or home.

Through this interactive incursion your students will:

Years F-2

  • Find out where food comes from
  • Discover the wonderful world of bees, bugs and healthy soil
  • Learn about plant lifecycles and how to grow and care for plant

Years 3 – 10

  • Find out how industrial farming negatively impacts our landscape and wildlife
  • Discover organic and Indigenous farming practices
  • Learn about the key elements involved in regenerative farming practices

You’ll receive a school teacher guide, including instructions for optional activities to do before and after the CERES incursion to get your students thinking, discussing and actively contributing to a world that is environmentally sustainable for all living creatures.

Years F – 2

  • Understand how to grow food sustainably and the meaning of ‘organic’
  • Explore the relationship between farming and the environment
  • Investigate how living things grow and change
  • Discover the role of living creatures in a healthy habitat

Years 3 – 10

  • Explore and understand the different principles of organic garden/farming practices.
  • Introduce what industrial agriculture is and it impact on surrounding landscape and wildlife
  • Introduce to alternative gardening/farming practices (conservation ag, regenerative ag)
  • Introduce Indigenous farming practice, explore how it interacted with the landscape and environment around them.
  • Explore how we feed a growing population. Introduce alternative food systems (permaculture, food swaps, polycultures, community gardens, urban farming)

This program links to curriculum areas of:
Science, Geography, English, Civics & Citizenship

Monday – Friday during term time

Timetable – coming soon

Use the activities in the Teaching Guide below to spark students’ curiosity before our visit and add value to your experience with CERES. It’s also designed to deepen students’ learning back at school.

Foundation to Year 2 Teaching Guide * coming soon
Years 3 to 6 Teaching Guide * coming soon
Years 7 to 10 Teaching Guide * coming soon
Years 11 to 12 Teaching Guide * coming soon

Watch the following video to understand what CERES is all about and to get you and your students excited about our visit!

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