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Holistic Sustainable Fashion (Online & On Demand Course)

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Become part of the movement towards greater ecological integrity and social justice in the fashion industry!

This online and on-demand course takes 5 to 6 hours of self-directed learning.

Grow your learning with our course that begins at any time with 90 days of access.

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Global voices weaving the international sustainable fashion narrative.

This course will open our eyes and provide the insight, understanding and practical tools required to collectively improve upon what is currently one of the most unsustainable and damaging sectors globally.

The course focuses on the challenges and opportunities in sustainable fashion and will have industry experts from around the world sharing their personal experiences in addressing the whole system of fashion. This means striving to improve every step in the process, from the livelihoods of cotton farmers to the conditions of workers in factories, the polluting impact of dye and colour, the financial system in which fashion is embedded and our culture of consumerism. Global experts present their own life journeys in establishing globally-recognised brands and what it means to become a leader in the movement towards a more sustainable global fashion industry. An incredible opportunity to hear from an amazing network of passionate people committed to improving the fashion world, one garment at a time.

Here are the chapter titles for this course.

Note: We are using the term seedling as we see this as just the beginning of your learning which will grow into so much more.

Welcome Seedling
1. Introduction to Sustainable Fashion
2. Global Consumption and the Business of Fashion
3. Best Practice – What does a sustainable garment look like?
4. Farming for Fashion
5. The Global Movement and the Hope for the Future
6. Recap, Reflection and Future Steps
Fare Well Seedling

Our seedling course (called a seedling as it is just the beginning of your learning and will grow into so much more) is a fully online self-directed learning course where you proceed through the learning content at your own pace with no requirements of a set time to participate in real-time activities or any due dates for activities.

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