Our award-winning Cultural programs invite students to discover traditional and contemporary celebrations, customs and traditions.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Foundation to Year 10


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.
Indian activities can be included in a multicultural day at CERES with other cultural activities included in the Indonesian, Aboriginal and African programs.
Henna designs or dressing up can be incorporated into any of the activities upon request.

  • Stretching for good health! Experience the ancient tradition of yoga and its role in daily life
  • Collect water from the local river and have a go at carrying it back, the traditional way, to the village
  • Participating in a variety of Indian traditional children’s games
  • Learn about traditional rakhi, bindi and henna
  • Draw rangoli chalk decorations to illustrate traditional Indian motifs and use of art in every home
  • Design and create a contemporary Indian rakhi or bracelet to take home
  • Perform modern Bollywood style Indian dancing
  • Chant traditional bhajans and explore the role of music within religion and festivals
  • Clap and speak rhythms using traditional Aarati methods to learn percussion
  • Learn a counting song in Hindi
  • Become part of different traditional celebrations from India
  • Experience the dazzling cottons and silks saree worn at festivals
  • Making and design your own henna
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