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Indigenous Perspectives – Incursion

How do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders keep their knowledge and tradition alive? What is the local Indigenous history around Melbourne? What are some of the traditional bushfoods we can find in our local environment?

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Join our expert educators and understand, acknowledge and learn the ancient knowledge of Aboriginal cultures and beliefs. Our educators will guide students through problem solving and selected activities and work with students on action planning to create change within their school community and explore ways to increase indigenous perspectives in your school.

Through this interactive incursion your students will:

Years F – 6

  • Identify and connect with elements of Aboriginal cultures and beliefs
  • Explore ways of keeping ancient knowledge and tradition alive through Bush Food and Plant A Seed activity.
  • Discuss the role of students to embed the knowledge they have gained into their school activities

You’ll receive a school teacher guide, including instructions for optional activities to do before and after the CERES incursion to get your students thinking, discussing and actively contributing to a world that is sustainable and just for all people and creatures.

Years F-6

  • Students identify and connect with elements of Aboriginal cultures.
  • Students acknowledge that each person confides with their culture and is responsible for caring for the land.
  • Students learn the ancient knowledge of bushfoods and how to grow them, explore Merri Merri creek stories, traditional dancing and ochre painting, and participating in boomerang throwing and the Marngrook game.

This program links to curriculum areas of:
The Art, English, Ethical Capability, Health & Physical Education, Geography, History, Maths

Monday -Friday during term time
For weekend and school holiday bookings please contact

Timetable coming soon

Use the activities in the Teaching Guide below to spark students’ curiosity before our visit and add value to your experience with CERES. It’s also designed to deepen students’ learning back at school.

Foundation to Year 6 Teaching Guide
Years 7 to 10 Teaching Guide * coming soon
Years 11 to 12 Teaching Guide * coming soon

Watch the following video to understand what CERES is all about and to get you and your students excited about our visit!

Year Level
Years 3-10

$225 / 45 minute session
+ booking fee
(minimum of 3 sessions per day)

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