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Project Description

Living Links Ambassador Schools Program – Grant Opportunity

Applications close: 

Friday 8th March 2019


The Living Links Ambassador Schools Program is now open for applications. Starting in 2019, we will support one primary or secondary school per year located within the Dandenong Creek catchment to undertake a project relating to the Living Links program vision of “Creating a web of green spaces where people and nature connect”.

The objectives of the Living Links Ambassador School Program are:

  • Create long-lasting connections of students to the importance of urban environments
  • Allow students to explore local environmental issues affecting their school and local community
  • Promoting innovative learning that fosters environmental stewardship
  • Promoting an awareness of the Living Links Program

Examples of projects may include:

  • Revegetation and habitat enhancement
  • Urban Ecology
  • Litter
  • Urban Greening
  • Connecting people to nature
  • Water Quality
  • Community engagement
  • Recreation
  • Waterway health

What does the Ambassador School receive?

  • A $2,000 grant to develop and implement their project including materials and equipment that may be needed
  • Mentor support from the Living Links Committee
  • Sponsorship to attend the 2019 Kids Teaching Kids Conference
  • A Stormwater Incursion from Swinburne University
  • A Living Links Ambassador Schools sign to display

More info:

Click here for more information and to apply.

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