Our award-winning Cultural programs invite students to discover traditional and contemporary celebrations, customs and traditions.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Foundation to Year 10


Choose a mix of activities from these programs.

  • Stories – gain an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Countries and cultures
  • Merri Merri (History Walk) – walk along and learn about the Merri Creek and its significance for Wurundjeri people
  • Bush Tucker/Indigenous Plant Uses – learn how plants are used for food, drink and medicine
  • Ochre (Rock Painting and Aboriginal Art) – paint traditional Aboriginal symbols using ochre
  • Boomerang and Dance
    – Learn traditional and contemporary dance using different implements including clap sticks.
    – Learn about the history and uses of various tools and weapons including boomerang and spears and learn how to throw them.
    ** Content can vary depending on whether the presenter is male or female and where they come from.
  • Village Activities – explore the collective work and responsibilities in an African Village: traditional welcoming, participate in mud brick making, hut construction, and thatching, explore the usefulness of traditional African mud-brick hut
  • Celebrations – discover how to prepare a celebration; partake in a traditional celebration using traditional costumes, music and dance
  • Drumming (Grade 3 to Year 10) – learn traditional drumming techniques on the djembe while exploring African music
  • Dancing – discover and learn different forms of African dance
  • Games and Water Collection – play a variety of traditional African children’s games, collect water from the local creek and learn about how children work and play in Africa
  • Village Life – experience the ancient tradition of yoga and its role in daily life, collecting water from the local creek and participating in a variety of traditional games
  • Arts and Crafts – draw rangoli decorations and design and create traditional rakhi to take home
  • Music and Dancing – sing and dance to traditional folk songs and perform contemporary Indian dancing
  • Indian Celebrations – become part of traditional celebrations, dress up, and design your own henna
  • Batik Making – design and create a piece of batik material to take home using hot wax and dyes
  • Wayang & Angklung – tell stories with wayang (puppetry) and learn songs on the angklung (bamboo instrument)
  • Dance – learn a traditional Indonesian dance
  • Becak & Games – ride and drive a becak (bike used as public transport), play various traditional games
  • Rice Festival (Foundation to Grade 2) –learn about the role of rice in Indonesia & participate in a harvest festival celebration
  • Village Life (Grade 3 to Year 10) – experience life in an Indonesian village: temple presentations, rice preparation and rice padi maintenance, pounding of grain, winnowing, and water collection
  • Street life (Grade 6 to Year 10) – compare Indonesian street kids and Australian student’s daily life, experience some of the day-to-day activities of street kids, learn to interact and bargain the Indonesian way and purchase small artefacts made by the street kids
  • Marriage Celebration (Year 7 to 10) – dress in traditional wedding clothes, discover the delicate art of the wedding rituals
  • Traditional Weaving (Year 7 to 10) – untangle the secret of the ancient art of weaving using traditional methods from Makassar South Sulawesi and make your own to take home
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