Project Description

Public Sector Innovation Grant

Applications close: Ongoing

Funding Provider: Department of Premier and Cabinet (VIC)

Designed to drive new, more effective solutions to complex policy and service delivery challenges in Victoria. We support small-scale collaborative projects that test new approaches to deliver better outcomes.

By providing grants ranging from $50,000 – $400,000, the Department of Premier and Cabinet supports collaborative, small-scale projects that test new approaches to deliver better outcomes for Victorians.

By supporting innovative projects, the Fund seeks to:

  • create opportunities for new partnerships between government and other organisations
  • strengthen the innovation capability in the Victorian public sector by facilitating experiential learning
  • promote project outcomes and solutions across the public sector to encourage inter-departmental collaboration to solve complex policy challenges
  • share the outcomes of projects and propagate new approaches, tools, and methodologies (for example, new procurement approaches, new tools to drive behaviour change, and new collaboration platforms) across government.

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