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CERES is operating in accordance with the Victorian Governments’ advice on physical distancing and hygiene, and requirement to work from home where possible until further notice. 

The Student Environmental Leadership Program (SELP) is currently available to be booked and will be delivered online.

The Student Environmental Leadership Program (SELP) is designed to let your students inner leader shine and help them develop and deliver sustainability projects. Empower your students to become sustainability leaders by tapping into their interests, talents and skills. You can book the four-hour SELP incursion and/or bring up to 10 students to a full day Summit with other schools, see below for details. 

SELP Incursion

The SELP incursions are designed to provide your students with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their school and community. An expert mentor from CERES will guide  your students through leadership training, problem solving, research and completion of an energy, water, biodiversity or waste audit.

Your incursion will include four 1-hour sessions structured as follows:  

  1. Explore and learn about your chosen sustainability theme (water, waste, energy or biodiversity).
  2. Complete a school audit to find out what’s happening at your school.
  3. Create an action plan to create change at your school.
  4. Design and build a project to improve sustainability at your school (e.g. a bird bath).

Who: available for Years 4 to Year 10.

Where: At your school.

Cost: If your school is located in the following Council areas Hume, Manningham, Moreland and Whitehorse or if you are from a regional area in Victoria (outside of metro-Melbourne) you may be eligible for one FREE incursion program. Contact us to find out more.

SELP Summit

The Summit is a full day of interactive activities, discussions and planning. With multiple schools in attendance it is a great opportunity for young leaders to connect and be inspired by their peers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

At these Summits students will investigate key sustainability themes, build on or create a new action plan for their school, present a sustainability project and celebrate their work completed through the optional SELP incursions.  

Your students will:

  • Explore what a leader means to them.
  • Develop personal and social capability skills.
  • Learn about human impacts on natural environments.
  • Prepare an action plan for an environmental project.
  • Conduct student led audits to measure energy, waste, water or biodiversity.
  • Workshop ideas for taking action in the community.
  • Learn how to plan and develop successful projects through communication, behaviour change and collaboration.

Who: best suited for Years 3 to 10.

Where: At your school or one of the other schools in attendance.

Cost: $900 (inc GST)
You may be eligible to participate for FREE (limited to 10 students per school). Provided that your school is located in the following Council areas Hume, Manningham, Moreland and Whitehorse or your school is located in a regional area in Victoria (outside of metro-Melbourne). Contact us to find out if you’re eligible.


For more information and pricing, please
contact the Education Bookings Team

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