Project Description


Empowering students to take action in innovative ways. Students are supported to consider actions they can take in order to be part of the solution in this program.

Duration of activities: ~ 45 minutes
Available for: Year 7 to 10


  • find out more about the concept of sustainability and how this concept fits in with global societies
  • explore through experiential learning that most developed areas of the world are living in an unsustainable manner
  • gain perspectives in sustainability through Earth wisdom, wisdom from other ways of life, and tapping into the individual wisdom we all hold
  • discover, through visual activities, that human development and dominance on Earth has only occurred for a very short time in the history of the earth
  • investigate resource depletion and distribution and discuss causes and consequences of this
  • explore causes and consequences of climate change which is directly related to the unsustainable way in which humans have been living
  • discuss what is already being done or could be done at home and school to live more sustainably
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