Project Description

Teaching Initiatives Program

Applications close: Ongoing

Funding Provider: Bank First

Amount: $200 – $2,000


The Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP) was developed to support schools and preschools in bringing innovative teaching ideas to life, and to encourage excellence in education.

Your initiative could be a new program, a new teaching method or an innovative idea to be implemented. Initiatives need to fall under one of the following four categories: Indigenous Culture, Sustainability, Engage with Asia and General Curriculum. The TIP committee will then consider each idea based on its merits.

There is a total pool of $30,000 available. Historically, this has been shared by approximately 20 schools and preschools each year. Grants to successful applicants have historically ranged between $200-$2,000.

The program is open to all Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent Victorian schools.

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Teaching Initiatives Program

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