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Project Description

Telstra Kids Fund

Round 3 opens:
 15 Oct 2019
Round 3 closes: 25 Oct 2019

Funding Provider: Telstra Foundation

This grant is only available to Telstra employees working in Australia.

Enables Telstra employees to nominate a local community organisation and propose an idea to help kids thrive in a connected world.

Telstra Kids fund grassroots projects, delivered by local non-profit groups, for local kids, across metropolitan and regional Australia. Projects that are successful will receive a grant of $1,200 to help kids connect to their local community.

Telstra allocate $1,200 cash grants to community projects nominated by Telstra employees during grant rounds. Telstra Kids projects:
– benefit kids in Australia
– are delivered by a local non-profit group
– are nominated by an eligible Telstra employee
– are implemented in a local community.

More info:

Telstra Kids Fund

More info

Visit the Telstra Kids Fund website

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