Project Description


Waste programs focus on the ‘Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ philosophy and include environmental impacts of current practices and strategies to overcome them.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Foundation to Grade 2


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

  • Investigate the CERES worm farm and discover the problems with organics in landfill
  • Handle a real worm and learn about its role in the composting cycle
  • Hunt for minibeasts and learn about food webs and their importance to a healthy environment
  • Sort through the contents of an average household bin and find out how to reduce waste going to landfill
  • Separate and sort plastic items to avoid contamination of recyclable waste
  • Play the exciting plastic sorting relay race
  • Explore the environmental and human impacts of paper production
  • Learn about paper fibres, types of paper and the paper recycling process
  • Make and take home your own recycled paper using shredded waste paper
  • Hear stories from the past and then walk along the Merri Creek to observe the changes
  • Find out where the stormwater drain begins and how it collects water from our roads
  • Observe the quantity and sources of litter and pollution in drains and waterways
  • Investigate the litter trap, and consider ways to prevent litter and pollution in waterways
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