Project Description


Water programs focus on water conservation, quality, monitoring and aquatic ecosystems.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Grade 3 to 6


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

  •  Visit the CERES Ecohouse to learn about the importance of reducing water use at home
  • Discover where the average family consumes water in the home – you’ll be surprised!
  • Participate in small group activities focusing on modern strategies and technologies to help reduce water use in the home and share your findings with the whole class
  • Learn where and how water savings can be achieved in your own home and at school
  • Enjoy a hands-on experience of netting and discover the creatures living in our waterways
  • Identify the aquatic organisms caught and find out how they indicate water health
  • Consider the role of aquatic organisms in maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems
  • Determine the health of the tested waterway based on what was found during the activity

For Grade 3 to 4 students

  • Learn some of the Indigenous and European history of the Merri Creek. How has the creek changed over time? How have our attitudes towards waterway health changed over time?
  • Walk along the creek and observe sources of litter and pollution in drains and waterways, consider how this affects water quality and the environment. Think about the impacts of litter and pollution on the health of waterways and for animals living in waterways
  • Investigate the litter trap and consider ways to prevent litter and pollution in waterways

For Grade 5 to 6 students

  • Learn some of the Indigenous and European history of the Merri Creek. How has the creek changed over time? How have our attitudes towards waterway health changed over time?
  • Walk along the Merri Creek and see how it has changed over time with different uses
  • Use survey techniques to assess the current health and problems for the Merri Creek
  • Learn about the “Index of River Conditions”, a national system of determining the health of any given waterway
  • Identify current impacts affecting the health of the creek ecosystem and discover possible solutions such as litter and weed management techniques
  • Techniques used in this activity can be used to assess the health of local waterways to schools

Only available for Grade 3 to 4 students

  • Explore the life of a river and discover why it is so important to conserve freshwater
  • Become a character in the river’s tale and learn how you can positively or negatively influence the health of the creek
  • Learn about the water cycle, and find out the fundamental role rivers and creeks play in this global movement of water
  • Discuss strategies to improve the health of waterways

Only available for Grade 5 to 6 students

  • Get into the science of the health of our waterways
  • Use chemical and physical tests to monitor water quality (depth, temperature, speed of flow, turbidity, pH and salinity)
  • Assess creek & habitat health using the data gathered
  • Discuss the reasons why different results were found and what the results relate to in terms of the health of the creek
  • Evaluate how healthy the creek is for plants, animals and humans

Only available for Grade 5 to 6 students

  • Learn how Australian people use water compared with people from other countries
  • Become citizens of other countries and make decisions on your water consumption priorities and how to manage with small water “budgets”
  • Explore different attitudes to water use
  • Learn about issues associated with small water allowances such as health and hygiene
  • Explore the deeper issues of water restrictions in urban and rural communities
  • Consider the available options to managing our own drought-stricken communities. What issues are there with relying on desalination plants?
  • Be involved in role-play activities to understand community concerns over changes to water restrictions and water management
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