Project Description


Water programs focus on water conservation, quality, monitoring and aquatic ecosystems.

Duration of activities: ~ 50 minutes
Available for: Foundation to Grade 2


You can mix and match activities from two different programs.

  • Hear stories from the past and then walk along the Merri Creek to observe the changes
  • Find out where the stormwater drain begins and how it collects water from our roads
  • Observe the quantity and sources of litter and pollution in drains and waterways. Think about the impacts of litter and pollution on the health of waterways and for animals living in waterways
  • Investigate the Litter Trap, and consider ways to prevent litter and pollution in waterways
  • Explore the life of a river and discover why it is so important to conserve freshwater
  • Become a character in the river’s tale and learn how you can positively or negatively influence the health of the creek
  • Learn about the water cycle, and find out the fundamental role rivers and creeks play in this global movement of water
  • Enjoy a hands-on experience of netting and discover the creatures living in our waterways
  • Identify the aquatic creatures caught and find out how they help to keep our water healthy
  • Learn about food-chains in an aquatic environment
  • Learn about how we can use water bugs as an indicator of water health
  • Participate in three physically active games focussing on the origin of our drinking water and how to conserve it
  • Water Cycle Relay – students act as water molecules and compete to travel the most times around the water cycle
  • Water Wasters Obstacle Course – students have to safely transport “water” through an obstacle course without wasting any
  • Water Savers Shot Put – Students choose ways to save water for their homes by shot-putting bean bags to a range of water saving targets
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