2011 Waste Presentation at Green Schools Conference – Leibler Yavneh College

The AEU/VIEU Green Schools Conference for 2011 was held on Friday November 18th.

The conference examined the environmental issues facing us as a community and how schools can play a part through curriculum, sustainable practices and social awareness.

Key note speakers Professor Dave Griggs, Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP and Dr Amy Cutter-Mackenzie spoke about the challenges of climate change and the amazing things happening in schools to assist with sustainability. Melbourne Museum also show cased ‘Biodiversity Snapshots’, a fantastic website which helps investigate the animals around us by combining mobile technology and science (http://www.biodiversitysnapshots.net.au/BDRS/home.htm).

Attendees then particpated in a range of workshops run by sustainability education organisations and schools.

Leibler Yavneh was pleased to play a part in the conference by teaming up with CERES to run a workshop called ‘A Beginners Guide to Reducing Waste in Schools’.

Our student leaders at Leibler Yavneh did a brilliant job of presenting what their school is doing to help the environment and innovative programs they are running to reduce waste.

Leibler Yavneh College students also ran a session of ‘waste’ activities for participating teachers, including A Hungry Planet, the Life Cycle of Paper, Biodegradability of Items in Landfill and Waste Facts.

Attendees commented that they were impressed by our students’ knowledge and enthusiasm as well as their public speaking skills. There were lots of scribbling down of ideas in notepads and networking between schools.

A great day was had by all. Congratulations to AEU and IEU for another fantastic conference!

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