2013 EnviroWeek – Outreach Team Challenge

In 2013, Enviroweek runs from 25th – 31st of August. This special week, organised by Cool Australia, focuses on action to create environmentally-friendly habits that last a lifetime.

The challenges are engaging, valuable and suit all lifestyles. From Foodie, Shopper, Waste Warrior, Green Thumb, Water Lover, to Tree Hugger, Sparky and Traveller, there’s something for everyone!

CERES Education’s Outreach team have decided to create their own challenge for Enviroweek by focusing on unsustainable palm oil. Orang-utans are facing extinction due to the unsustainable production of palm oil, an ingredient in around half of all supermarket products. We are uncovering the truth about the palm oil found in your shopping trolley and speak up for wild orang-utans. This is an issue close to our hearts so we are joining Zoos Victoria’s ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign (www.zoo.org.au/get-involved/act-for-wildlife/dont-palm-us-off). Our amazing team member, Ally Borgelt, has even made us our own guide and we’re using the Zoopermarket website to help guide our purchasing (http://www.zoo.org.au/zoopermarket).

Enviroweek is a great opportunity for schools to celebrate existing environmental projects, reinvigorate lapsed projects and get new ones underway.

PLUS there are prizes worth more than $35,000 for schools (including two 12 panel solar systems), classes and students. All participants receive a certificate.

Jump online, choose a challenge, sign up and take action!



Both Cool Australia and Zoos Victoria are partners of CERES Education. We support each other’s projects to create a sustainable future for all.


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