2019 E&S Yearbook

In 2019, the Environment and Sustainability committee have been working hard toward our goals and we’ve developed and participated in so many initiatives that have assisted in developing our knowledge of sustainability.

Earlier this year we completed our waste module, earning our second Resource Smart star as part of the Victorian Government’s Resource Smart Schools programme. It took 12 months of dedicated work as well as multiple discussions into how our school can more effectively manage our waste to gain this achievement. As well as this, MP Gary Maas came to Kambrya to present the Environment and Sustainability committee with our second star. We are so privileged to have the support of the local government behind us supporting our initiatives!

We have now started tackling the Biodiversity module and we hope to complete this by early next year! The Year 10 Environmental Science class undertakes biodiversity audits of the school, where they explore how much native fauna and flora we have in the school and what percentile we place in. This year’s audit found that we score 51/100 for biodiversity and as part of our 3-year biodiversity plan for the Resource Smart module, we would like to score at least 80/100. This can be done by planting more trees, removing more weeds and replacing non-native plants with native plants, and decreasing waste.

Aside from completing an audit of the school, the Environmental Science class also went to Monash Clayton where they participated in activities relating to the topics of Volcanic Hazards & Liquid Nitrogen Explosion and Climate Change.

In June, members of the committee as well as others from Kambrya’s Student Leadership team participated in the ‘Keep Kambrya Clean’ summit to discuss ways to improve the cleanliness of the school and come up with initiatives to decrease the amount of waste produced in the school. Throughout the year, we’ve also noticed that the school has been a lot tidier than previous years.

In September, 4 members of the committee ventured to Nossal High School to participate in their annual Casey Sustainability Summit. This year’s theme was “It’s in The Air.” This was focusing on pollution around the world and locally. It was an insightful and enjoyable day and we all went home with a better understanding of the ways we can help battle climate change, waste and be more environmentally friendly.

At the end of term three, we held a bake sale and plastic-free day to raise funds for adopting a Tasmanian Devil as part of Zoos Victoria’s Adopt an Animal Program. M8S won free cupcakes as 100% of their class presented plastic-free lunches. We raised $160 in the bake sale and as a result of this, Kambrya has now adopted a Tassie Devil!

The sustainability committee have had such a rewarding year and we can’t wait for what next year holds!

By Sancha Fung and Livinia Walden

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