A bug inquiry

Reflecting on Sustainability workshops for Foundation to Two.

On a Friday morning the children from Foundation to two participate in workshops including sustainability. Friday’s workshop focus was a mini inquiry about bugs in our school. To help us tune in we predicted what types of bugs we would expect to see, where we would find them and how we would be able to study them as an environmental scientist. Including what assets a scientist would need- being a researcher, collaborator and communicator were important. The type of equipment we needed included magnifying glasses, bug catchers, clipboards and pencils to record. We also needed to use some of our senses- our sense of sight, hearing and touch.

When we were finding the bugs we worked in small teams to collect them in the bug catchers. After returning to the hall we then placed them in the centre of our groups and used the magnifying glasses to look more closely.

After our initial observations we shared our thinking with each other and generated some wonderings as well. The wonderings about the millipedes were answered by looking in the big book of creatures. Did you know they don’t actually have 1000 feet but 300!

One of the bugs/ insects we didn’t catch due to safety as well as being unable to catch them anyway were the bees. We were able to use a bug book to help make some discoveries about them, including the fact that they have five eyes and only live only 5-6 weeks unless they are the Queen Bee who lives up to five years. We will be on the look out for other insects and bugs in our school environment.

After the observations were recorded the bugs were safely released from captivity and returned to the outside environment.

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