A student Litter Rap

The students at St Joseph’s Black Rock have been learning about waste and recycling for over 7 years now. In every classroom there are recycling bins for paper, flexible plastic and compost. The children bring nude food to school and are not permitted to take wrappers outside, only their containers and fruit are permitted.This has dramatically reduced waste on the playground.As we are a school only a kilometre away from Port Phillip Bay it is vital that we have no waste littering the playground as all can potentially end up in the Bay. Our Dolphin ambassadors have visited Kinders to stress the importance of not littering. They also encourage everyone to “Take three, save the sea”

During Term Three 2017 the senior classes made videos with Karen from the st Kilda Eco Centre to promote people’s awareness of how detrimental litter is to sea creatures. Single use plastics was chosen as a topic for one group. This was to highlight the fact that we need to rethink what we buy. These children will be performing the skit to another local Kinder in Term 4!

Time was spent watching other videos for ideas. Thoughts were compiled and finally scripts written and clips performed.

These clips were shared with the school at assembly. Here is an example.

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