Aitken College Biodiversity Initiatives

We have a small intermittent creek (Brodies Creek) running through our property. We regularly sample the creek water to look for aquatic plants and animals as a way of monitoring the health of the waterway. We have also started riparian revegetation with plants received from the Hume Council and Brite Industries. We have planted over 2000 plants along Brodies Creek so far.
A group of staff, students and parents went to our local park (Woodlands Historic Park) to spotlight for Eastern Barred Bandicoots in April. We failed to find any and the ranger suggested that they fear the bandicoots may no longer live in the park.
We also went down to Swan Bay looking for Banjo Sharks and Sea Hares. We found these and were able to get up very close and personal to these fascinating creatures.
We participated in School’s Tree Day, planting over 300 trees with staff and students on the school grounds. A group of Year 6 and 7 students went out to Jack Roper Reserve on Clean Up Australia Day to collect over 14 garbage bags of litter for the local community.
We have elected environmental captains from all of our classes from Year 2 to Year 12.
We are running Green Week in the last week of Term 3, 2008. During this week we will try our first heater/light free day.
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