Aitken College Energy Initiatives

We received $15,000 from the state government which helped the school put up 5010watts of solar panels.

We have tightened up our automatic computer shutdown procedures.
We have elected environmental captains from all of our classes from Year 2 to Year 12.

One of the initiatives that I am proud of is Heating and Cooling Guideline. In every room of the school, of which there are close to 180, we have put up a laminated green A4 sheet with a thermometer stuck to it. On the sheet are a couple of boxes. In the first the users of the room write the temperature the room needs to reach before they turn on the cooling. In the second box they can write at what temperature they turn on their heating. This easily made device gets people talking about the temperature they like their environment to be and the importance of conserving energy.

Every room also has a list of reminders of what needs to be turned off or shut down each time the room is vacated.

Our staff have started to put their names down for a car pool register.

We are running Green Week in the last week of Term 3, 2008. During this week we will try our first heater/light free day.

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