Aitken College Waste Initiatives

As our school did not have access to town water or sewerage when it was built 10 years ago we collect all our own black and grey water for processing on the site.

We have put Visy recycling bins in every class room and office in the school. These are emptied by the environmental captains on a weekly basis. We fill a 3 metre front lift bin with cardboard once a week also.
We collect glass, plastic and aluminium from all classrooms through a series of buckets which are taken to our Visy wheelie bin.
A group of Year 6 and 7 students went out to Jack Roper Reserve on Clean Up Australia Day to collect over 14 garbage bags of litter for the local community.
Our Grade 2 students collect organic waste from all the classes which eat their meals inside. This is then composted and then used on our vegetable gardens.
We have elected environmental captains from all of our classes from Year 2 to Year 12.
We are running Green Week in the last week of Term 3, 2008. During this week we will try our first heater/light free day.
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