Aquatic Science Elective

As Sacred Heart College begins its journey towards becoming a ResourceSmart school curriculum changes are already taking place.

Being offered for the first time in 2009 is a Year 10 Aquatic Science elective. The course covers the areas of physics, chemistry and biology all within the fields of freshwater, marine and aquaculture.
The main focus of the course is in our region and on the freshwater environment.
The school is fortunate to back on to the Campaspe River where a majority of the activities are being conducted.
The activities include such things as a vegetation survey, water quality analysis, macro-invertebrate analysis and culminated in a mass planting of 1400 trees, shrubs and grasses along the river edge.
As a result of this work the school will obtain a fantastic outdoor class room that will be an invaluable tool for future classes, laying the foundations for further development in the area of sustainability and environmental curriculum. In addition the revegetation project is helping to forge new relationships with community and government groups and assisting in the establishment of the sustainable schools program.
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