Balwyn PS and Balwyn Rotary helping our Environment

In December 2012 Balwyn Primary School spent a day helping Balwyn Rotary plant seeds to grow native seedlings for “REPS”, which is the Rotary Environmental Planting Scheme.The seedlings are being raised in a special nursery in our Veggie Garden called “The G”.

Groups of students took turns to work on the production line to fill trays of tubes with potting mix and then plant the seeds. One of the rotarians commented, “The small fingers were much appreciated as the seeds of the wattle are quite small and harder for big fingers to control.” At the end of the afternoon 2,000 seeds had been planted and watered.

The seedlings will be used to replant barren hillsides in the Broadford area north of Melbourne. This helps revegetate native wildlife corridors to provide safe passage of wildlife between established habitats. It also helps reduce salt in the Murray Darling Basin.

The seedlings should be ready for planting out midyear and hopefully a busload of Rotarians,staff, students and parents will be able to go to planting day.

The farming community are much encouraged by this show of support from city folk.

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