Barton’s Energy adventure

In Term 4, 2019, we have been focusing on completing our Energy module, and have been working towards achieving another star.

As part of our Energy module students in Grade 5 and 6 had an incursion from our CERES facilitator Jess, the students were so thrilled to be able to use the high tech gadgets that Jess brought to measure light and temperature within our learning spaces. Students were able to use their knowledge of navigational direction to see if the windows that allowed natural light were facing North, South, East or West. The students were confident with this, Miss Dunstan needed a few moments to work it out though! J

Students collected data from all around our school and this has now been uploaded to our module for submission. As part of this audit students also identified areas where we could conserve energy, and ways we could educate others about conserving energy. These recommendations have been included in our SEMP.

Over the coming years the recommendations documented in the SEMP will be looked at and implemented with the hope to decrease our energy use and utilize natural light sources.

Students in Prep – Grade 2 have been experimenting with solar energy by creating solar ovens. We have been so excited to use our ovens on the 36 degree days, the students were thrilled to be able to eat their melted chocolate pretzels at the end of the experiment. Unlucky for the classes that Melbourne’s weather decided to be 12 degrees and raining for, in the middle of spring! This was a good way of comparing results though, and opened up for discussion on whether solar energy would still be beneficial if it was cloudy.

The work we have done in term 4, and throughout the year will go towards the certification of our energy star and our next focus will be submitting this for review and becoming a leading school!

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