Battery Recycling at St Therese Torquay

batterys to be recycled 2


You can now recycle your old batteries at St Therese Primary School. The recycling bin is located in the front office. We will dispose of the batteries at Barwon Waste Management in Geelong North for you.

This is another initiative we have started at school to help the local community and our environment.

Families are welcome and encouraged to drop off their batteries to our recycling bin. We will take button, AAA, AA, C, and D sized batteries.

Batteries recycled so far in 2013-

Feb 6.7 kg

March 4.15 kg

April 4.92 kg

June 4.76 kg

So far we have sent around 1300 batteries to Barwon Waste to be recycled in the correct manner, instead of going to landfill.

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