Recycle your batteries at CERES

Batteries are toxic time bombs. Only around 6% of batteries are recycled in Australia, leaving over 10,000 tonnes that go to landfill. Electronic (E) Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and the humble battery forms a huge part of that waste stream. As batteries are made up of heavy metals and other toxic elements, these leak into the environment and harm humans and animals when not properly discarded. So let’s get recycling!

CERES, in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, is happy to bring battery recycling to CERES through the Batteryback program. This free Victorian Government service collects all domestic alkaline (single use) and rechargeable batteries which can be found in:

  • mobile phones
  • video cameras
  • digital cameras
  • hearing aids
  • cordless phones
  • portable electric shavers
  • cordless power tools
  • laptop computers
  • palm pilots
  • remote controlled toys
  • portable video games
  • portable disc players

In the last year, CERES has recycled over 140kgs of batteries!

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! When your school visits CERES, bring all your old batteries and we will send them off to recycle for you! The Batteryback recycling bin is located in the CERES Visitor Centre.

For more information about the Batteryback program and to check your nearest battery recycling bin location, visit the Sustainability Victoria website

Also check out Clean Up Australia’s battery recycling fact sheet.

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