Biodiversity at Solway

At Solway our aim is to develop and improve our school grounds in a way which reduces our impact on the environment by the use of environmentally friendly materials, appropriate planting and enhanced habitat for flora and fauna.  The aims of the Biodiversity & School Grounds Working Group are:


§         To develop a garden plan for the future development of our school grounds

§         To create an environmental haven for students, staff, parents and wildlife to enjoy

§         To choose materials that have less impact and make a positive contribution on the environment

§         To empower students with ownership, responsibility and pride in their school grounds

§         To include the whole school community in the process of increasing biodiversity in our school


As a school we are involved in many programs:


§         A thriving Kitchen Garden develops the students practical understanding of the management of a kitchen garden, covering all aspects of preparation, planting, nurturing, harvesting, cooking and composting.

§         Development of a Wildlife Corridor in the school grounds which includes indigenous plantings and bat boxes.

§         Annual participation in the National Plant a Tree Day program.

§         Providing environmental and biodiversity tips for the school newsletter.

§         Annual participation in global and local environmental/sustainable events.

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